CONTEST: EVO 4G Give Away!

You know that phone we used in our HTC EVO 4G Review? We’re giving it away! Not only that, but once we give it away (on Monday), we’ll begin a HUGE contest where we give away one phone every day until we feel like stopping. I know I won’t feel like stopping for at least a week… but if the love keeps pouring in I won’t ever want to stop!

Here is the deal:

  • The HUGE contest is to promote the launch of our Applications Section (starting Monday, June 7th)
  • The EVO 4G contest is for YOU to help us spread the word about the EVEN BIGGER upcoming contest to get the ball rolling and the word out
  • You’ll basically just have to follow @phandroid and tweet something specific by Monday, 9AM EST
  • One person who tweeted as requested will be randomly selected to win the HTC EVO 4G
  • And then… the REAL fun will begin with the Applications Section launch and the Phone A Day Contest!

For the full rules and requirements, visit the Apps Tab now. And just so you know… when the “HUGE” contest starts the Apps Tab (and current URL) will be automatically forwarded to the new section with the new contest rules/requirements in plain view.


Good luck to everyone and hope you have fun with this!

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  • Zack

    To bad I don’t twat. :(

  • Ben W.

    i don’t twatter either.
    maybe you should add ‘liking’ you guys on the facepage?

  • Steven

    That’s not fair for not-tweeting users! :(

  • Alan

    I don’t like birds or people, so I can’t do either.

  • Rob Jackson

    Point taken on the Twitter vs. Facebook thing. Next contest (not the big one starting monday) will be just for Facebook liking. And BTW you could always make a Twitter account quickly just for the purpose of this contest.

  • barry99705

    I use twitter, but my tweets aren’t public. Just a dozen of my friends can see me.

  • Utz

    Yeah, it really sucks to be forced to use twitter or fb for such contests

  • Rob Jackson

    And BTW… the contest that launches on Monday won’t have anything to do with Twitter OR Facebook. So don’t worry about that.

  • Nathanial


  • boxy

    i just made an account for this, i hope i entered my tweet right. and i hope it win!

  • Burky

    I agree… twatting is weak-facebook would of been better. Any chance of including this?

  • boxy

    i win*, and Rob the name is apdcgt in case you want to hand pick me and say you did it random, :)

  • Steve

    Yeah, it really sucks that Phandroid is giving away free stuff…. oh, wait a second…

  • zclintz

    “follow @phandroid and tweet something specific by Monday”

    Is the something specific a riddle? Or, anything we want to say in relation to the contest?

  • Riggs

    wow, let me whine about some FREE contest some more. I am ashamed to be part of the so called “entitlement” generation…

    if you dont like the OFFICIAL RULES, then don’t post here and let it be.

  • gregf

    Just ignore all your readers that are to cool for social networks!

  • Ivan

    so will the Phone A Day contest be just EVO’s or other Android phones too????

  • Pieter

    haha i don’t tweet either. but that’s fine. awesome contest anyway. go phandroid!

  • Alex

    I don’t tweet either, #23423

  • swehes

    So what is actually going on the application tab? Is it going to be reviews or actually applications?

  • Rob Jackson

    @zclintz – click on the “Apps” tab in the blue nav bar for complete rules.
    @Ivan – it’ll be a phone of your choice (with some limitations)
    @swehes – you’ll have to check on Monday to find out!

  • Snark

    Pffffffff, US only, of course! Do you know you have readers outside the US?

  • Spencer

    I don’t use a social networking store, so sucks for me!

  • NorCal

    what about those that don’t facebook or tweet?

  • Raon

    just a question, since i’m not sure…
    “by monday” means the contest begins Monday, or it finishes Monday?

  • 2FR35H

    I’m FR35HM1NDZ on twitter I just tweeted it :D

  • Alex

    So we can tweet anything? or something evo/android related?

  • JerseyGirl

    No tweety here.

  • boxy

    @Raon and Alex
    click on the apps tab at the top of the page, and it tells you everything, good luck

  • Rob Jackson

    @Snark- Non-US countries have very different rules for contests and its nearly impossible to abide by all of them. Sorry but its out of necessity… not preference.

    @Raon- EVO contest ends Monday, new contest starts monday

  • idreamofjeannie

    So if we end up with a EVO or whatever will it be unlocked?

  • Aaron

    Just save yourself some time Rob, pick keoni7 ftw!

  • mydragoon

    same like snark… non-US. can’t you put a disclaimer to say participants agree to abide by PHANDROID rules and if we win, just ship it… it’ll be similar to how we buy stuffs from ebay, etc… :)

  • ed

    i rarely use my twitter, but i will for this. please pick me, i have a samsung android and i need to drop that thing QUICK, like a crack habit.

  • Amanda

    I started a twitter account (amaandacha) and tweeted just for this contest. In all likelihood, I will not use the account again.

  • jonathan

    Well look at it like this that’s what the world wide web is for this phone is the best thing that happen to sprint wow I just love it if only I can get one! Keep up the good work guys

  • James D

    I just started a twitter account for this contest, but are we automatically disqualified if we have no followers?

  • Will

    What is twitter?

  • @goldone

    What a dilemmia. Half the people who enter on twitter conest enter for stuff they can’t/wont’ use and will probably just sell the phone on ebay. I’m going to tweet, since I really don’t do facebook. I need a phone so bad that I’m going to try anyway the rules call for. good luck to us all.

  • MonkeyCheese

    For those of you who say its not fair cause you don’t have twitter please chill out. Just make a twitter account just for the contest and when its over then close the account.

  • B Z


  • bobin

    ok let me try

  • swehes

    What is a Hashtag? And how do you use it??

  • swehes

    Well. I guess looking at other people’s twitter that I did it right. :)

  • su2lly

    I can understand not wanting to use Facebook but no Twitter account? Do half the people posting on here not have a smart phone?

  • swehes

    Actually. I don’t have a smart phone. Waiting for T-mobile to come out with a phone that appeals to me. The EVO looks awesome but looking for a phone that is GSM. However if I would win the contest, I would be willing to trade it for a GSM based phone like Nexus One

  • Paul

    Hey all…….tweeted away…..need to upgrade, so look for my tweet……Tweeterer for a minute…Android phone user for a couple years…..Phandroid for ever……..Kissing up over here……Funny but true….Evo for inquiring minds

  • James D

    @swehes, you don’t deserve the phone

    and @Paul – the person will be chosen at random

  • Schmidty


  • hlonhbkjb

    @James D – Get a life.