Motorola FlipOut Now Official


Motorola has made their latest MotoBlur handset official, announcing the Motorola FlipOut for a European release sometime in the next few weeks. The Android 2.1 phone will be available in seven colors, and is aimed at the young, social networking crowd with a small form factor and a tweaked MotoBlur interface that has enhanced screen custimization, a new Happenings and Messages widget, and Data Manager for monitoring usage among other additions.


In the way of hardware you get a full five row flip-out (I see what you did there, Moto) QWERTY keyboard, a 3MP camera, and a 2.8-inch QGVA display. The FlipOut comes with 512MB of internal storage and a 2 GB microSD card. No pricing was announced.

[Press Release]

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  1. Pretty cool how you can “stretch” the widgets, maybe that feature will be available on the Shadow(Xtreme?)

  2. mmmm, will u buy it?

    I…. dont know

  3. i really hope that version of motoblur makes it onto the DEXT. it will be like a whole new phone :D

  4. Square cell phones don’t work for me, seems too kid like in appearance. It says it’s aimed for a young market, it would be interesting to know the exact ages targeted.

  5. I’m all for innovation, but I can’t help but question the size of the potential market for this. I can’t see anyone older than 21 buying this. It seems like a toy or a gimmick with no valuable utility.

  6. @ally,

    I really hope that version of Android makes it onto the Dext too, but I’m not holding my breath :/

  7. horrible product design. two thumbs down.

    i could only see this device appealing to the youth/tweens where the cool factor may outweigh the functionality.


  8. If you think this phone is too much geared for kids, you’re right. That’s exactly who it’s geared toward. The colors, even the video scream Tween/Teen. This isn’t a CEO’s phone, it’s his daughter’s. Assuming it’s priced right, that’s a really smart move.

  9. This phone, to the UK, will be what t-mobile sidekicks are to America.

    Gimmicky, but teenagers (like myself) will love them and will be extremely popular. So what if it looks a bit clunky? It will befun for people under 21 ;)

  10. They’ve took a leaf from the tree of the sidekick – I agree with Adam, Motorola will have a big enough market for the teens – a flashy design and social-networking features will make them weak at the knees in desiring one!

  11. I’m 15…and compared to my nexus one running Desire r18…this is an eyesore.

  12. I think most people don’t realize that the majority of people on this planet are not nerds on message boards that need the newest piece of technology w/ the best specs to compensate their social awkwardness. Teen girls will eat this up. I can def see this appealing to women who like to wear those cutesy jeans that have barely any pocket room and carry around small hand bags.

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