Rogers Confirms Android 2.1 Coming for Xperia X10 and HTC Magic

Mary Pretotto – a Twitter-based support rep from Rogers – has confirmed that the HTC Magic and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will both be receiving upgrades to Andorid 2.1 at different points this year.


She’s stated that HTC will be delivering their 2.1 update for the Magic for testing at the end of the June (this doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be released in June, though). The Xperia X10 would be getting its update this autumn season, while she’s confirmed that the Acer Liquid would definitely be shipping with Android  2.1 on board.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • SuperMuna

    damn, Sony Ericsson, 2.1 in December. They really know how to piss people off, they just cant seem to get the software right. from X1 to Satio to X10.

  • jdog

    A status update is better than no status update I guess

  • Marcelo L

    You mean to tell me that the HTC Magic can get 2.1 but a Samsung Behold II can’t ????

    Give me a break !

  • Carlos T

    yea I like the behold 2 better than the magic and we only have 1.5

  • Lamp Post

    As far as I know, the HTC Magic has more memory than the Samsung Behold II, which could affect the possibility of Android 2.1.

    Anyways, it’s nice to see a status update on this. I really want 2.1 with Espresso on my Magic.

  • chiccora

    The magic was promised 2.1 by Rogers and on HTC’s website by mid year. This was announced in January and there have been no updates till now. Oh well testing in June works for me, at least we know now its coming!

  • Bruno Masferrer Roussier

    Really piss off HTC Magic owners no information at all of the update to 2.1 in the UK!
    Come on Vodafone what are you waiting to roll up the update gosh

  • Brian Alexander

    To all those Sony Xperia users in Canada, I just this minute (12:23 pm EST) walked out of a Rogers Plus store in Scarborough, Ont across from my place of work having asked what looked to be a store manager, about an update for the firmware for the xperia x10, and he says to me ”Google will be releasing an update June 30, 2.1 Android.” Take that for what it’s worth!!

    I have no ulterior motives posting this info, only that if it’s true it’s better than waiting 6 months for an update!

  • WetCoast

    Have decided to ditch my iPhone and go with an Android. I’m with Rogers and want 2.1 or 2.2 OS asap. I’m trying to decide between Xperia X10, HTC Magic+, or Motorola Quench. Any advice? Also, want to be able to BT my e-books from my phone to my new KOBO e-reader as is possible with a Blackberry. Is SKYPE compatible with Android? Thanks for your feedback!

  • Sai Kai Lee


    If you can get a Google branded device like a Nexus One, you will get Android updates much more frequently than purchasing a phone that has some kind of carrier or manufacturer skin like Blur or Sense.

    I don’t have personal experience with Blur, but my Rogers Magic+ has Sense, and is supposed to be updated to 2.1 later this year. The big problem with the Magic+ is that it has the old 528Mhz CPU, which is ok even with Sense, but I would love to try a new 1Ghz device.

    The Xperia X10 does have nice specs, and it makes a better media oriented device, but I’m not a fan of the custom UI. There may be many more desirable devices available by the time you are ready to purchase.

    As far ask Skype goes, Android supports it. Not sure about the ebooks though, if you are just using BT to transfer files, then there are apps available for that too.

    My best advice, wait at least 2 months before you purchase something. Now that the iPhone 4 is available unlocked in Canada, you may well want to check out that option, especially if you have a lot invested in iTMS.


  • WetCoast

    Thank you, Sai Kai Lee. I think I’ll wait another month, then see what happens with the Xperia X10 and 2.1/2.2

  • Roberto

    still waiting …

  • toze

    Hmmm I wonder if anyone realizes that autumn comes after summer…

  • LoveAndroid

    Still Waiting, how long??????

  • this month

    Have heard September for 2.1, November for 2.2, and q1 2011 for 3.0!

  • Basil

    Rogers tech Mantra lie until you hang up then pass the buck, repeat until your customers hangs up, not going to do this. So far its been three calls to Rogers please Rogers please TRAIN your staff. A few guys I chatted with at Rogers were great and well trained, but some of the females please looks can’t answer questions. Since I am on the phone with you, yikes if get one more ‘like’ I was going to scream like. Rogers please spend money on two things upgrades so you don’t look like a fool and for the love of god train some of these airheads.

  • Pablo

    Still waiting for Xperia X10 update…

  • esk

    Yes, Rogers is the hold up on Android 2.1 for my Xperia X10. I bought it with the promise of this upgrade.

    If I wasn’t locked in on their plan, I’d be walking right now away from them!!

    I’ve also asked them Qs on roaming and data, etc for overseas travel, 2 times, and no, not even an acknowledgement reply!!

    And they want to be the king of mobile providers?