Motorola Droid 2 Shows Up In Verizon Inventory Listing


With all of the Motorola Shadow news over the past few days, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing more of the Motorola Droid 2. I mean, it is coming out in a month or two, right? So it stands we should be getting some more solid details. Droid Life has received a shot of a Verizon inventory listing for the Droid 2 (the Motorola A955):


While that does not give us much info on the successor to the bad boy that kicked off the Droid craze, it at least confirms the ever-growing chatter of a release very soon.

[via Droid Life]

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Could This Be the Droid 2 Keyboard?

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  1. Hot dig adid dog

  2. This will be my next phone after I get rid of then samsung behold 2

  3. Hope the keyboard screenshots were real!

  4. Boostedscooby– I have the behold 2 also! I am also getting this! Screw tmobile and samsung!

  5. Really that is a stupid to switch t-mobile to verizon with their high prices and the recent rumor about verizon LTE charges. I am all for hating on samsung for doing us bh2 owners dirty but tmobile has the best prices and customer service and not to mention the Nexus One which will be the first to get all the updates… but ayy its your choice.

  6. I dont want to be part of tmobile because they let samsung screw over their own customers! They don’t care if samsung makes them look bad. Little bitch ass company I don’t want to be a part of anymore. Tmobile doesn’t even stand up for us.

  7. @ray
    And just how are T-Mobile supposed to make Samsung release an android 2.x update?

  8. @RobC you think they could not tell samsung that phones must get OS updates for X months from release date or they would not carry them in their retail locations?

  9. On a worldwide scale that would be like throwing a cake at a 800 pound gorilla, in theory it may have some effect but its a mismatched fight.

    The phone company’s are reliant on mfgrs producing handsets at the right price. OK so they can demand tweaks & branding for firmware but unless its a huge showstopper of a fault your phone company is pretty helpless.

    Admittedly I would never buy a Samsung phone, both the Samsung my kids had where the cheapest builds ever! (they relied on the case holding the connectors against the main PCB which meant they where bound to fail after several months)

    There may also be real reasons as to why they are only going to release 1.6, but its a very shoddy way to treat customers and I hope enough pressure put on them to have 2.1 release.

    That’s why I chose Desire, its close enough to the Nexus to maximize my chances of having the next few updates (even then there’s no guarantee.)

  10. @comment number 5….Tmoblie is a great teen cellphone if your 13-16 but beyound that when you start to move around more and need better coverage. ..The big V can’t be beat by anyone and for sho not Tmobile

  11. If I get a 2 free Nexus ones I’d consider staying. But seriously we spent 500 for two behold 2’s on lies and now we can’t use the upgrade discount anymore plus 2 year extended contract. I’m not cool with that we don’t shit out money for phones and need to be serviced by a company thats not screwing around with us and will deliver what they promised. Have you guys seen the video where they say it would get an upgrade when it comes? Youtube search “getting screwed by samsung” I deserved better and my christmas money should of gone towards canceling the tmobile contract and going to verizon.

  12. @Mensah
    I’m no teen by far.. but here’s my take on T Mobile’s “coverage” .. It depends a bit on the person and their needs.. phone wise, I’ll say this.. When I drove truck. my phone ALWAYS worked when I needed it to.. Now, I am on a data plan but not driving any more.. 3G has always worked for me, so far.. I am getting ready to take a trip to Europe, my layover is in Seattle, I’m betting 3G will work there.. I know that my 3G is not going to work in Europe.. I also know that Verizon 3G will not work in Europe.. pretty sure my GSM phone is going to work in Europe though.. and if it doesn’t I could pop in a local sim card.. Is T mobile’s 3G coverage lacking ?.. sure., but in my situation it makes no difference to me whether or not I can get 3G in places I don’t go.. and as long as the phone works in place I do go then I am happy.. because the primary purpose for me is the phone.. If I was a traveling salesman, then maybe the 3G coverage would bug me more, but it doesn’t for now.

  13. Sure Dennis, TMobile will work when you are driving truck since the network the use is based mostly around major highways. Try going off road a bit though and you are screwed. Verizon coverage is practically 95% of the area of the US! I can travel anywhere in the US and know that its probably gonna work (except in the middle of Montana, nobody gets coverage there lol)


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