Get a Good Visual Look at Android’s Growth Spurt by AndroidTapp

For those that didn’t catch Google’s keynote where they gave a rundown of Android’s progression since August 2008 (when the OS was first approaching maturity), AndroidTapp’s put together a great looking overview of those facts in a long track sheet, of sorts.


Key highlights – as most would probably remember if they watched the I/O keynote – are that Android’s reached 100,000+ activations per day, there are 60 devices (with more coming in at scarily fast rates) across 59 carriers in 48 countries by 21 manufacturers, and that the Android market enjoys 50,000 apps by 180,000 developers. We expect these numbers to look just as impressive as they do now after Android reaches the two-year mark.

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  • jdawg

    As I write this comment on an HTC Desire, I can’t help but think… HELL YES. Keep the progress coming, can’t see this great juggernaut stopping for anything.

  • Garok89

    “reached 100,000+ daily activations per day”

    daily + per day = redundancy


  • Darkseider

    100k activations daily. Does that take the weekends into account or just the weekdays? In any case it is still 2x more per week if only weekdays are taken into account than Apple’s 246k per week sales of the iPhone. I see a bright future for our little green friend.

  • Claudio

    Wow!!!!!!!!!i love Android!

  • George

    I kind of find it funny that there are 180,000 developers and only 50,000 apps. Either they have signed up as a dev and are having trouble coming up with ideas, hard time completing an app, or are still diligently working on their first app. I expected to see many more apps than devs.

  • John

    what is an OEM again?

  • Neemo

    OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer and 180k devs and only 50k apps = more devs working on a single app

  • Aeires

    I’m with George, that did stand out as odd with the developers vs app count. Either way, the progress is awesome, especially the 1 billion miles navigated using Google maps. Android rocks, and it’s only just started.

  • DanGrover

    To be fair, when I was flashing a bunch of Roms on my MyTouch, I might go with several activations a day for a few weeks (unless those stats use the serial number of the phone or something?). Eitherway, with my Desire that’s now a thing of the past – I don’t want more speed or hacked roms on this, it’s too good!

  • AsianBob

    @George and Aeires
    Neemo said it right. Some of the larger apps need more than a single developer to make. Even if you put a measley 3 people to a single app, you get 150,000 developers, which is close to the 180,000 mark. 4 people per app would topple it at 200,000. So the numbers don’t seem too bad.

  • Matt

    @5 why?

    More developers doesn’t mean more applications, you can have more than 1 developer working on more than one app, and unlike apple – you don’t get a million fart apps. People on android tend to release good free app versions and not many people tend to duplicate features.

  • mike

    More developers because otherwise there was no option to buy an Android Phone.
    In some countries if you wanted to buy an Adnroid Phone (when there was only HTC G1 in USA) you had to register as developer to order it.
    The same problem Nexus One is facing, there is no easy option to buy it in some countries, so how can any one judge it’s success?

  • Covert

    @5 yea seriously, the android market isn’t made of crap… i was just searching the app store on my ipod touch and filtered by most popular, paid apps, guess what was 16

    a freakin mirror app charging $1.99

    all it does is turn the screen off!!!!!!!

    android doesn’t have a bunch of kiddies

  • Kevin Nem

    this graph is the number of activations/ day. So REALLY what we are seeing is the growth of the growth. To see that the user base is growing SO fast (surely it will level off eventally), is rather remarkable in an industry that is already “established”.