Experiencing Issues with Your Facebook App Today? Verizon Recommends Using Browser “For Now”


We’ve ¬†been receiving reports that the Facebook app for Android has been acting a bit fussy today, with users unable to access News Feed items and the app having trouble retrieving data all around. It seems to be partially working at least (I have been able to access my latest notifications just fine), but for the time being the official VZW support twitter account is recommending users stick with the browser to access Facebook content.

Reported that Android users are having issues with the Facebook application. Recommend using browser for now. #Verizon #Droid #Android

I guess that really isn’t too big of a difference from using the app, as Facebook seems to kick you out to the browser for just about everything you click on anyway. No word on what the exact issue is that is causing the problems, but we’ll let you know if we dig anything else up.

[NOTE]: This issue apparently isn’t exclusive to Verizon, as users from all carriers and on several different devices are reporting similar issues.

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  • Stephen

    Also an issue w/ Tmobile…my N1 was doing this last night and today

  • Lawyerman

    Same problem with Sprint using the Sprint HTC Hero.

  • Dan

    mine has not worked since yesterday on my moto droid

  • DJ

    Same here, and on my Wifes Droid Incredible

  • http://www.thelegaldefenders.com James

    I have the N1 with TMobile as well and can confirm that I’ve been having this problem since last night. Thought the problem was caused by Froyo. Sent email to developer. At least I’m not the only one having this problem.

  • Chaz

    Mine has been like this since last night. A buddy has the same problem with his Nexus one.

  • dre

    I’ve never been the guy to criticize hard work, but its always a problem with this facebook app!!! To add insult to injury, almost every action kicks you to the browser anyway!! I say destroy and rebuild

  • Simon

    Same on Vodafone UK

  • Luffy

    @dre couldn’t agree with you more

  • Steve

    I have the same problems, Orange UK.

  • Stephen

    maybe fb is trying to allow android users to access new privacy settings lol
    facebook will become the new myspace… barely used at all. Twitter will overtake fb

  • KC

    Since last night I’ve been getting an error message when I try to view the live feed. This sucks!! Just got the Motorola Droid last week. I’m hating the way this app runs.

  • De

    Same on Sprint Evo

  • Craig

    Haven’t been able to access anything from my Facebook app since yesterday. Motorola CLIQ on T-Mobile.

    “An error had occurred while fetching data. [null]”

  • Jason Leonforte

    Works great!

  • http://facebook julie

    Not working for days !!! Will it be fixed ? I have the Eris

  • Cloudscout

    Here I thought it was just a problem with my phone. Had plenty of trouble with FB today on my LG GW620 on AirTel in India. I could post updates but I couldn’t upload photos or see my wall and news feed.

  • ricky

    I think its related to the new privacy tools Facebook has now. Everytime they change the privacy settings it seems the app goes out of wack for a few days. Just my 2 cents

  • Curtis

    This issue started on my Sprint Hero yesterday. Thought it was just MY phone that didn’t want to play; good to see I’m not alone, lol.

  • http://nicholasoverstreet.com Nicholas Overstreet

    Ah, that explains it. I was trying to look up a friend’s profile on lunch and I kept getting an error about NULL return or something. Figures… the one time I actually open the app in weeks, it is broken. Facebook screws up so much stuff all the time :-\

  • Frank

    I have Tmobile and my coworker as well. We both have been experiencing the same issue since last night. The browser is always best of course but for a quick glance of updates and post the app is always a time saver. Thankfully I have the Moto Cliq so all my updates come thru from MotoBlur! ;)

  • Collin

    This is really making me mad. Is it an android problem or a facebook problem. Answer me that suckahs!

  • LaptuaZ

    Will apps be obsolete? I guess we will always use calculator type apps, but anything that consumes web services could in theory be replaced by just using the original web page right? With the functionality that is built into 2.2, we are now “able” to access functions of the phone directly from a web page (camera). So I guess if this is true, at what point will we start seeing less apps and more pages designed just for phones? Don’t get me wrong, I love apps and everything about using the phones processor to do random transitions within an application, but at what point will apps become obsolete? Isint that the idea behind ChromeOS and netbooks?

  • The Laughing Man

    Yep, Seems it is going the way of myspace, trying to roll out features faster than they can test and fix them. they need to realize this will turn people off of it.

  • http://techpb Nick

    Why, when something works just fine, does Verizon feel compelled to dick with it? If its working, LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

  • sunhorse

    Same problem on virgin UK, HTC desire

  • f4tty

    Same error in Australia on Three. Obviously an app issye, not network related. Hopefully we’ll get an update soon.

  • sam

    The moto droid is an awesome phone I like it all around except for the fb app kicking me to the browser and since last night it hasn’t been working at all keeps giving me an error message I think the fb app needs alot of help..should someone call 911

  • luisa

    my has the same problem since last night…now what just wait till fix it…

  • http://facebook Kim

    My Moto Droid will not let me see the news fees or my profile. I can however, view notifications which in return allows me to go to the home page and navigate that way. When I type in the facebook URL on my browser it does not direct me to facebook at all. I don’t know what is happening. I have rarely had any problems. All of these things started yesterday evening. Does anyone know why this is going on and/or how to fi it????

  • http://facebook Kim

    okay i see i have the exact same problems as everyone else the error message about unable to fetch data (null). WOW so i’m not alone makes me feel somewhat better but not really cause the darn thing is STILL NOT working ;-( hope its fixed soon!!!!!!!!

  • jon

    My Droid Incredible is doing the samething. xenia,oh

  • Robert

    I’m from the Philippines and I have the same issue with facebook app. It started last night and hope someone fix it as soon as possible.

  • nem

    This was a FB – Android issues and effected all Android devices… I think you should update your blog to reflect that info. This was not a VZW only issue.

  • Cliff

    Yep. “An error has occurred while fetching data” error on HTC Incredible. Tried everthing. Hopefully the developer will create an update soon. For now, a bookmark on the browser works fine.

  • battlemanager

    I wonder if this coincides with them tweaking their privacy controls?

  • Angie

    My FB App on my eris stopped working last night hurry and fix pleeeease!

  • Margie

    Same on Rogers Wireless in Canada… Booooo :(

  • http://www.thelegaldefenders.com James

    Finally running on my Nu1 with TMobile. Down for about 24 hours.

  • Diane

    On Version Wireless Droid Incredible loads some friends’ Wall but not others using FB app.

    Why some friends’ Wall show content while others show null error, even when their Info and photos work.

    Forgive ignorance, new to FB on my phone. Day before this started had error code 102.

  • http://gmail brodrick mills

    if my news feed dont work soon im takin the jokin back,i still how a week an a half..verizon can have this phone back if not workin soon

  • Brad

    It’s down on my Eris as well. However, I use the xScope Lite web browser (best Android browser by far; Dolphin is too bloated), and it has no trouble at all with the touch.facebook.com site. I have yet to get “kicked out” as others are complaining about.

  • QuadCityImages

    The Facebook app has always been garbage. I just use the full non-Mobile website on my Droid. Everything’s on there, including occasionally a glitchy attempt at facebook chat in the browser. Mafia Wars, anything non-Flash, all work fine.

  • http://Www.apple.com Schlit

    Facebook app for iPhone DOES work fine. Another droid doesn’t issue.

  • pia

    Has been happaning to me for a few days on my moto droid

  • phluffy

    I edited some of my privacy settings on my laptop, went back to the Moto Droid and the null errors went away. Now I have 102/Session key invalid or was not there. Oh yeah, sync is broken now too.

  • Katelyn

    My motorola droid has been acting up since late on the 26th……and using the browser you are not able to view the most curren news feed. Hopefully they will figure it out and fix it soon, and thankfully this is the only problem i have had with the facebook app.

  • Rick

    I guess you should of bought the real thing, I-Phone is the only way to go. Lol

  • The Laughing Man

    Back up and running this morning

  • http://sajadi.co.uk/dflat Khash

    Same issue in the UK (Vodafone Nexus One Android 2.1)

  • snupples

    I just want to know when facebook will go the way of myspace. It seems it’s on a precarious path lately. One subtle shift and it could be out.

  • chris

    lol @ everyone bitching about their carrier or phone maker “Dicking with it”, when it’s more than likely due to facebooks new privacy settings.

  • Bushido Brown

    I have a SE X10 I get my Timescape updates from Facebook And can access Facebook through the bundled app, my proble is when you “touch” the tile to access that persons status update the phone starts to connect to Facebook but never completets the connection.

  • Ms Bailey

    I just got the evo and was getting an error with the android facebook app. I logged out and logged back in and now everything is fine, hope this helps someone.

  • http://www.techture.net Blake

    @Ms. Bailey, Thank You! logging out did the trick, works great now.

  • DP

    Is anyone still using this app? I had it on my phone and deleted it, and now I can not locate it in the Android market. Does anyone know who created the app so I can search for it by their name instead? So Frustrating!!

  • That Dude

    Just got the evo and it worked for about 2 day. Now all I get is error messages.