Motorola Looks to Be Gearing Up for Froyo Update


We’ve all heard the whispers in the jungle alluding to the Motorola Droid most likely being the next device after the Nexus One to receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update. It makes the most sense, as the Droid is the only other major handset to use a ‘vanilla’ version of Android. Today Motorola posted through their Facebook page that they are well aware many people have questions about “software updates” and that they will have more information as soon as possible. Take it as you will. It could just be Motorola’s attempt at quieting the writhing masses thirsty for Froyo blood, but it could also be a sign that they will be making announcements regarding such an update soon.

[via Facebook, thanks Trident for the heads up!]

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  • jj

    i want my click back, what a non story this is. must be a slow day!

  • Eric Sorensen

    Looking forward to the upgrade, but it sounds like it will be a few weeks. At least enought time for Verizon to get their greedy claws on that wireless tethering feature – either disabling it or charging for it.

  • Jason

    Don’t forget the Milestone please Moto!

  • dre

    Giving the history of Motorola stagnating with updates, Droid owners………….don’t hold your breath!!!!

  • DJ

    Not the dreaded Motorola Facebook post! Looks like it will be a month or so…

  • Roje

    OMFG they show all their attention to that particular phone! But that phone doesn’t need a software update because I heard it didn’t give anyone any problems. They need to focus on their MotoBlur phones, like my Motorola Cliq and all those other copy cat of my phone.

  • Steve

    Roje: MotoBlur phones like the Cliq are for kids, those phones are going to be last to get updates if they bother with updating them.

  • Informed

    The Motorola Droid is not getting the update before the Incredible and EVO.

  • Rosalvo Avila

    Believe me the DROID does have problems since that last update. I didn’t have any problems prior to 2.1. Now my Jawbone Prime won’t work properly with the moto droid. It will work just fine with any other phone, but the DROID! With all the laws now that say you must use a headset while driving, I’d say that screwing up the bluetooth was a pretty big mistake.

  • Darkseider

    Here’s hoping

  • Darkseider

    @Rosalvo Which is all the more reason to get Froyo on the Droid. Froyo by default and in its’ feature release notes fully enables Bluetooth Dialing.

  • Cpg716


    I would bet you that the Droid gets 2.2 before the Incredible or EVO.. Both phones you mentioned are Sense UI phones… and no has seen Froyo running on them.. The Droid has been shown running Froyo with Flash 10.1 for months…

  • Steve

    Bzzt, wrong. They run Sense UI they will not see the update for quite some time.

  • leavingmoto

    I find it funny though that they keep telling all the cliq owners they are working very diligently to get the 2.1 update out in a timely manner, but now it’s froyo on the droid? Seems like they are focusing on one phone, and giving up on the others.

  • jason

    @Informed, the Moto droid will be getting froyo before Incredible and EVO. They both run sense ui which HTC must make sure runs properly with froyo. Stock android will get updates faster than devices with custom ui’s.

  • swazedahustla

    Yes stock gets updates faster, but it won’t be like the whole 2.1 fiasco. Getting 2.2 on Sense coming from 2.1 is nothing like upgrading a hacked up 1.5 to 2.1. The evo froyo update has already been quoted as coming the July. Not bad compared to the 2.1 wait.

  • HGod


    I’m afraid you are misinformed my friend. ANY phone with Sense UI, no matter how new or advanced, will always get updates much later than phones with plain ol’ vanilla Android. Please stop spreading information that you obviously have no knowledge of.

  • RPG

    From one person I know who has 2.2 running on her Droid, the only tethering enabled is via USB. On her Droid, there is no tethering via wifi at this time. So, I’m assuming this is how it will be when Froyo is sent out to the masses.

  • Isthmus

    Well I sure hope Motorola does a proper update and doesn’t gimp it like they did with 2.1. Give us the full version of 2.2 (with the new app drawer, with all the desktops, and with tethering enabled).

  • HGod

    Verizon would be the one to say that you can’t use the tethering feature. It is a paid option on other phones, so it wouldn’t make any sense for them to let Android users have it for free.

  • jason

    The same could be said about the Moto droid 2.2 update. And it has been quoted to be released in June. But does it really matter whos phone gets it first as long as you get 2.2? Im just as anxious as the next person to get an update, but Im not holding my breath just yet.

  • DrDiff

    II think I figured it out why they dont support bluetooth dialing. The Motorola Droid has speaker phone and a car dock. Kinda makes the Bluetooth headset un-necessary. unless you have to have the Lt.Uhura Mr.Spock look from the 60’s Star Trek…

  • jason looks like someone is playin with froyo on the moto droid.

  • digitalicecream

    @DrDiff. Bluetooth dialing works great just not from a bluetooth headset. I’m able to use my uConnect in car feature for dialing.

    The nice thing about using a bluetooth headset for dialing is when I do not want the call to be over a speakerphone or I dont want to take my eyes off the road.

    Looking forward to that feature again.

  • digitalicecream

    @jason. Good point. I don’t care when I get 2.2, just don’t forget about me on the Inc. I like my phone the way it is so, I’m going to be the happiest when I get the new update.

  • Scalpel

    I’ll add my voice to those irritated users who own the Cliq and have been waiting since launch for an update. Hopefully Motorola will realize that there are a LOT of Cliqs out there, and that the 2.2 update should run fine on the slower Cliq processor.

    If not, Motorola risks creating millions of consumers who will avoid Motorola products in the future and talk poorly about Motorola in general.

  • ari-free

    enough with the senseless custom UI’s and everyone will have the latest updates.

  • DJ

    @ari-free +1

  • DgDeBx

    Verizon might allow tethering on Android for free. They currently allow Palm Pre and Pixi users to use the Mobile Hot Spot feature of Web OS for free.

  • Dave

    Phandroid writers need to seriously rethink their titles before posting them. Stop wasting your readers’ time and getting us all excited for nothing.

  • jim

    If you all remember that when 2.1 to Droid was released it was’nt long after Motorola finally came alive on there Facebook page. Chill out peeps! :)

  • TrintLord

    Don’t all the phones that charge for tethering run it through an app that comes bundled with the UI? Since Droid uses vanilla they wouldn’t have that issue.

  • Austin

    All you idiots wondering why they are focusing their attention on the droid here is your answer

    They have sold over a million of them

    stop asking stupid questions, of course they are gonna focus their attention on their money maker..

  • Jeff

    Already lost faith in Motorola. Still waiting on the promised 2.1 update on my Cliq.

  • paul

    Im just going to by the nexus one im giving up on motorola they play to many games for me. I will never buy another one of there phones

  • Rous

    @ari-free, never going to happen. Custom UIs are how different manufacturers distinguish themselves. It’s their way of branding. To that end, they need the customizations to be widget-like for portability, but at the same time, not widget-like so that they can’t be lifted from one brand and applied to another, which would defeat the branding purpose. Sense and Blur originally fell too far into the latter category, which is why porting them has been difficult. This will change. Manufacturers are fast learning that timely updates to Android are not a luxury, but are expected, and difficulty porting the customizations is costing them time (read, “money”). They don’t like spending money doing the same thing repeatedly. Orders will (or, more likely, already have) come down from on high to make that process faster.

  • elliott

    I find it real rediculous that cliq is getting left in the dark! That is just fine, if they don’t quit pussy footing around they are gonna end up with something like samsung is dealing with right now on the behold 2. Do I hear lawsuit in moto’s future?