Take Screenshots on the HTC EVO 4G Without the Need to Root

Ever since the G1 has been out, everyone’s been trying to figure out how to take screenshots of their device without the need to root their phones or install the Android SDK to their PCs. Why Google has not allowed this functionality without clever hacking is still a mystery, but it appears that the story has changed with the stock of HTC EVO 4G devices given out at Google I/O.


The screenshot application ShootMe – available in the Android market – works on HTC EVO 4Gs that were given out at Google I/O (to take a screenshot, you open the app and then go to whatever you need to take a screenshot of and shake the phone). It’s believed that the I/O devices are retail and are not rooted in any way, so we’re wondering how this could be possible. Hopefully more details arise soon, but for now, the EVO 4G is the only device that this anomaly is happening on (AndroidGuys reports that it does not work on an unrooted Nexus One).

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  • Adwin

    You should try comparing device permissions in /dev in both the nexus and evo 4g.
    Maybe on the Evo, read is set for world and other.

  • Landon Gonsalves

    I am running a rooted g1 and found this app in the market. Running a 2.1 Rom (superbad)

  • Dan

    I am so excited about this. I have been wanting a solid app to take a screen shot without rooting before I bought an android phone. I was 100% sure I was going to buy the EVO anyways, but this just makes my day!

  • Landon Gonsalves

    OOOOOHHH! Never mind that last comment, I get the point of the article now. My bad =/

  • guitarfreak846

    this works on my unrooted MyTouch 3G Slide!

  • Eric

    It’s not a mystery. Google engineers have stated that it’s a security concern. Imagine an app taking a screenshot every .25 seconds as you type in your password to your Google account.

    Of course there are probably ways they could allow screenshots in a secure way.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Considering how many other operating systems (including iPhone OS) allow this effortlessly, I don’t see how there’s any security concern that Google can’t patch up. If there’s any security concern, why not figure out a secure way to bake the functionality into the OS? We’re not exactly talking about rocket science here.

  • G8D

    Maybe this is why it was so easy to root, its not got all the protection because its for devs..

  • http://www.omgandroid.com OMG Android Tips

    I want this for the Desire.

  • Pope Innocent II

    It would be great if Google included this in Froyo.

  • Quentin Biles

    I’m glad I get my I/O EVO tomorrow. :D

  • Quentin Biles

    BTW, Quentyn, you spell your name wrong. :P

  • Mao Ranma

    This is also working on unrooted Samsung Moments running 2.1 DE03

  • tmogeek

    Definitely not working on the N1 w/Froyo. All the more reason to root.

  • http://jeffreyjmarshall.wordpress.com Jeff Marshall

    Doesn’t work on the Incredible

  • Aanantha Javali

    I installed on Google Nexus one and It got installed however it cannot launch as it popped a dialog ” Failed Starting Server, Please check you have root access on device and enable access to lower level graphics.

    I think on EVO they would have enabled previlage to access the frame buffer.

  • Biffy

    I just use the SDK ddms tool to take screenshots with my Desire.
    Of course the limitation is having to be at a computer with a USB cable…

  • madatgravity

    Quick question on the screen shot – what Twitter app/webpage is that?


  • http://www.congruentmedia.com Dan

    Picked-up an EVO today and downloaded the app and it works like a charm.

  • Ben

    Very helpful. I really didn’t want to have to root my new Evo to just take screen shots, and came this artice… Thanks!!

  • RickB

    I tried using this on my EVO and I hear the shutter sound but I can’t find the folder where the images are. When I connect the EVO to the PC I don’t see a /ShootMe folder anywhere.

  • Joe F

    The lasy sprint update killed screen shots with shootme!
    update 147651

  • Lou

    Sprint update killed mine too.

  • Tif

    I wish this would work on the Evo ):

  • Devin

    Just got an evo..super excited..and now happy feelings gone :(
    Hope they get it fixed soon..

  • xong

    I recently switched over to an EVO from an iPhone. This is one of the few features I’ll miss the most. The ability to take a screen shot is built in to the iPhone. All it there is to it is pressing two buttons at the same time. There’s no apps or additional programs needed. It’s all good though, I’ll just have to get use to it…=T

  • Jim Prevo

    Wow. I much prefer the iPhone/iPad model for this. Two buttons and the shot is in my photo album. If Google was afraid of miss-use, they should consider the security of the button versus random people posting apps that solve the problem and could contain the very malware they intended to avoid.

  • Rina

    Did not work on my Evo.. Need some assistance.

  • morgan

    doesn’t work in my evo either :(

  • http://sanctumgames.com brian

    Install the program, choose accept to its terms then press HIDE, not close.

    Go to the screen, shake, it will click like a shutter noise.

    Plug your phone into a USB port. Then drag your top menu down on the android. You will see an option for USB connection. It will by default say “Charge Only”. Click that, and press the button that says “Disk Drive”. Wait about 30 seconds.

    Check your “my computer” area and you will see the drive for your android. click it. Inside there is a folder names “ShootMe” click that. The pics are in there.

  • kookir

    Got the EVO, installed shootme, shock the phone, went into my gallety (on the phone, no computer needed) and there was a folder called shoot me. I own an iPhone as well and I prefer the built-in way of the iphone with the press of both the sleep/wake & home buttons at the same time. Why do I need to install another app on the evo that’s gonna spy on me and read my informaton. Evo apps are so intrusive its crazy.

  • kookie

    damn typing fast and no proofreading always leads to erros. shook not shock and gallery not gallety. Kookie is my name, not kookir

  • jermaine

    its working on my evo very well another y i love my evo

  • Pepo

    Just installed on my EVO and Works like a Charm!!!

  • Pepo

    Stock EVO no root required!!Nice

  • Pepo

    Once you open the app hit hide, go to the page you want to take the shot shake the phone, and listen for a shutter noise that means it took the shot, then go back to the app open it and hit quit to prevent shots every time you shake the phone. to share the shot go to the gallery look for a folder name shoot me, open and choose the shot you want to share hit menu and choose how you want to share. NO COMPUTER NEEDED!!

  • Booya

    Pepo is 100% correct, works as he stated on HTC EVO. Thank you Pepo for the step by step! =)

  • Jeremy

    webOS palm pre orange+s+p equals a screenshot anywhere anytime anyplace. On my evo not so easy :)

  • Kellynn84

    just got it. works great