Want To Delete that annoying Android Market Search history?

It really bugs me sometimes knowing that I can’t clear the search history in the Android Market. Well luckily I came across this free app called “HistoryEraser” by DUMAPIC (who is also the Dev of OperaBridge) which does just that – deletes the Android market history – and without the need for root.


Usually – as far as I could tell – you couldn’t delete the history of the market without factory resetting your phone so this is real handy. I’m not sure if this works for any version of Android above 1.6 but leave a comment confirming and tell us so we can update the article!

If you’re on Android 1.5 (Cupcake) you have to download “MarketHistoryEraser”

Appbrain Link ~ Or you can scan the QR code below

If you’re on 1.6 (Donut) Download “HistoryEraser”

AppBrain Link -> or scan the QR code below

P.S This app can also easily delete your call log, contacts (not recommended!), default browser history, google map search history and search shortcuts.

Enjoy & Thank you Dev DUMAPIC!

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  • macdrp

    Tried HistoryEraser on my Moto Droid and it worked just fine. Nice little app to get rid of the annoying mkt history!!

  • Chuck

    Worked just fine the Droid INC with2.1

  • gameboid

    very cool indeed! thanks carl!

  • jmurra

    YEP, it works on 2.1 also, you just have to hunt a little to find the market search delete. It is under the Google Apps tab on the home screen.

  • JScottTuck

    Just installed “HistoryEraser” on my 2.1 (Rooted) Droid, and it worked fine.

  • G8D

    How can you get it right and then wrong?

  • Carl Channon

    Thanks for pointing that out! :@

  • Don_TX

    This worked great on my AT&T N1…finally got rid of all those porn searches left by my girlfriend. ;-)

  • http://www.omgandroid.com OMG Android Application Tips

    LOL @ Don_TX

  • g1andonly

    Couldn’t you just go to manage apps from settings and clear market cache? That’s what I do for market and browser. Wifey searching that damn porn ; )

  • Jono

    Works on 2.1

  • Los

    Works on 2.1 Droid Incredible. Thanks!

  • Josh

    Clearing the market cache didn’t seem to do anything, but when I cleared the data it worked.

    On N1, 2.2

  • Bullfish

    HistoryEraser no longer appears in the Market when you upgrade to 2.2 Froyo (even tried the QR codes – not the ones listed above, but the one for Eclair).

    Any idea how I can get this without going through the Market?

  • Bigmerf

    do not even see the ap in the market. Nexus 2.2

  • BP

    Works on Htc hero 2.1.

  • Chris

    Works on my moto devour with 1.6 thanks ive been looking for a way to clear the history.

  • Carl Channon

    Quick question: Anyone else on 2.2 not able to see it?

  • Blake

    Wow. I’ve been trying to figure this out all weekend, and finally I found the app…should have read this article sooner.

  • Awsome

    Wicked, Does what it says on the tin! WORKs perfectly on HTC hero, no fuss! well done

  • hondureyna

    Just dowloaded MarketSearchEraser on my Motorola Cliq xt and it worked. Didnt delete anything but the previous searches in the Apps Market.

  • rugmankc

    Downloaded from Android Market. Worked Great. Will try Google Maps when I have some searches I don’t need anymore. It was difficult to find out how to that.

  • nik

    Worked flawlessly on Driod Incrd. Thanks

  • mike4626

    Worked perfect on my Evo 4G. Thanks for the info.

  • mike b

    had this on droid 2.1 it worked great..rooted my phone and went to 2.2 and cant find it..wish i had it my maps search is getting long

  • cj

    Google searched how to clear market search results – found this article – tried in on my droid – it worked. Thanks to carl for composing the article and of course to the developer for fixing something on my droid that should not have required an app.

  • http://..... Mad

    How do I delete this annoying app on my phone called love position it’s not on my downloads!

  • jlo

    Worked flawlessly on my Evo 4g, thanks

  • Gman

    Worked well to erase the market history on 2.1 Droid X!

    Would love to be able to remove “stuck” apps in the market – those that downloaded but did not complete purchase due to Google Checkout errors and are thus blocked from re-downloading. Any hope for an addition of this to the list?

  • dre

    Thnks. This helped alot

  • Rachael

    I just downloaded and used Market History Manager on my Droid X and it rocks! Easier than on a PC, and it’s free!

  • yave123

    Worked on my HTC EVO 4G. Thanks.

  • franco54

    Sweet\!!!! Did work on EVO…. now i can sleep without hiding my phone in my car from wifey. Thanks guys

  • Toad

    installed historyEraser from market and its worked fine on my Desire 2.2 froyo …..cheers !!!!!

  • http://YouTube.com/theapplegeniuses Ishmeal

    Wow great app, thought it wouldn’t work but it does! Once u open it go to google and click on(make sure “market history” is checked) great app thanks

  • jordan

    TY Carl,

    app “HistoryEraser” worked perfect on my samsung moment android 1.6

    now i can delete some embarrassing search history…..woohoooo!!!!!

  • tb tattoo

    works perfectly on the droid eris 2.1

  • Phil

    Check Refine Efficiency: http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/

    – market history cleaner;
    – cache cleaner (root and non root(individually));
    – task killer;
    – start up manager (bootable apps are highlighted);
    Also browser history cleaner.

  • Musashi

    @ g1andonly: “Couldn’t you just go to manage apps from settings and clear market cache?”.

    Sir, I salute you! Why download this app when you can just do this through settings? Surprised someone didn’t stumble onto this solution earlier.

  • “HistoryEraser” worked perfectly on my X10 Mini Pro, android version 2.1.

    Thanks very much :D

    And no, my history would not delete through settings and clearing Android Market’s cache.

  • http://pandroid.com tina

    On the HTC 4G EVO, the google magnifying glass in the bottom right-hand corner, anybody know who to delete that history when googled that way instead of the internet?

  • Taylor

    Works great(:

    If you cany find it in the market, I bet fourshared has it. Look up’history eraser.apk” (:

  • lanie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…
    Wanted to show off my new computer, but my search history was way toooooo embarrassing! oooops!

  • What

    just did it. nice. worked. ta!!!!

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