LIVE NOW: Phandroid Podcast Episode 21

Just FYI… we’re podcasting so head over to the Phandroid BlogTalkRadio page or listen below!


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  • jacob

    never gonna happen with google maps cache, been complaining about it since the first phones to have it, way back pre n95

  • Mistah_Transistah

    hahaha someone swore!

  • Orlando

    Try a wipe and flash. Mine works just fine. I’m rooted and never went back to stock. I used the modaco rom. Did you get it to work?

  • jose

    to Dave: Well it is working for me.. the first time I was having issues but i wiped and re-flashed and it is all good now… but there are missing apps in the market

  • Todd

    Google TV seems very promising. I enjoyed your podcast (first time listener) but you guys could plan it out a bit better. No a$$/2 stuff

  • Rozza C

    Lol @ Rob at the end…

    Great show, guys!

  • jdog

    “hello hello” That was classic. I hope we hear another Podcast in a week.

  • Kristian

    You should make it possible to download the podcast on google listen:-)

  • Santiago

    I agree with Kristian… Why don’t you allow us to download the podcatst through Google Listen? It would be much better to listen using my Nexus One! :P

  • CJ

    When are you guys gonna fix your RSS feeds? For more than a month now the feedburner/blog talk feeds haven’t updated! The only way I can listen is to stream it! #FAIL