Motorola Motoroi Sails To UK With Android 2.1 On Deck

According to Pocket-lint, the Motorola Motoroi – the curvy looking Android phone that could come with MOTOBLUR – is confirmed to be headed to the United Kingdom in some fashion being driven be Android 2.1. Previously, we’ve only heard that it was going the United States (outside of its already-furnished home in South Korea with SK Telecom), but Motorola confirmed the new territory during the launch event for the Android-powered XT701 in Taiwan.


This version of the Motoroi rocks an 8-megapixel camera, 720p video recording capabilities, an HDMI port, and so much more. It’s said that this version of the phone will differ internally, as well, as we should be seeing more RAM, ROM, and a faster processor (Snapdragon?) to boot. With as many changes as it’s getting, we’re wondering if this thing will get a name of its own (Pocket-Lint doesn’t seem too sure, either) but hopefully more details surface from Motorola soon.

[via Unwired View]

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  • harry920

    Will it be available only in the UK or in other European Countries too?

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    It looks cool.

    Moto Blur could use an update though.

  • JAG

    excelent, I could be gettin this one!

    I like HDMI, maybe the camera is goin to be better than the Incredible.

    I’d would like this has an SnapDragon or better an 1GHZ ARM cortex.

  • GollyJer

    Do the bottom four buttons have to be in a different order on every frickin’ phone that comes out?

  • Laz

    What are the chances of this hitting TMO in the US?

  • Paul

    Xenon flash on Android & UK Yes YES, thank you, was getting worried this was not going to be release & was waiting for the Nokia N8 but prefer Android, so this is the phone for me.

  • Wesley

    I’ve been waiting for this phone to come to UK. Faster processor and more ram would be great additions;)

  • DE

    This is exactly what T-Mo needs to release! Come on T-Mobile, get off your ass and get this phone on your network, it’s already set up with your bands, get it out.

  • Andre’

    it would be super if having an amoled screen for vividness…

  • Jose

    I hope it comes to the BIG RED :D

  • Ace Curry

    If I had one of those I would be screaming the name everywhere I went. MOTOROOOIIIIII!!!!!