Quake 3 Finally Ported To The Nexus One


We should rename the site to “Gamedroid” considering how much gaming-related news we’re posting lately! This time, it’s to report that Quake 3 (a classic first-person shooter that made its claim to fame on the PC) has been ported to the Nexus One. Named Kwaak 3, the game’s port has existed for Android mobiles for a while now, with the Motorola Droid getting its treatment of classic gaming bliss, but now the Nexus One is happy to join the party.


Apparently, the main thing that was keeping this port back was the lack of hardware controls on the Nexus One. Thankfully, though, ingenuity paid off in the end (as it often does) and what you get is a pretty smooth Quake experience on a mobile phone. In the YouTube video description, the uploader states any lag is due to the video’s sub-par quality, but I didn’t even really notice much lag to begin with.

Even with how cool it is, it doesn’t seem like the most intuitive control scheme – volume rocker “up” enables you to move forward, which is weird considering you have to play the game in landscape mode. Additionally, volume rocker “down” provides the all-so-important “jump” mechanic, while the trackball acts as the aiming utility (with the need to click it in to shoot). Perhaps they’ll be able enable some of the touch-sensitive menu controls down the line, but nevertheless, it’s a port worth checking out.

[XDA via GeekWord] [Thanks, Muhammad Ali!]

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  1. very very old news

  2. This is the only game related news piece on the front page, I think a name change may be a bit premature…

  3. Relatively speaking @Mark. It seems there’s at least 1 piece of game news each day now, as opposed to every week or so

  4. bluetooth game controller would be necessary methinks.

  5. is this available uk? i have 2.1 milestone and cannot see it in the market. or is it non-market etc……

  6. @zed: You can download it from

  7. But will it play Crysis? :P

  8. why the flip is this game so popular, it is probably one of the worst games ever, yes i realize it’s a first for 3d FPS, but who cares, i’d rather play any other game on a cell phone that this… it just seems so pointless

  9. Could we set up and use the Wii remote for this possibly? That’d be sick.

  10. So, do you have to be rooted to play this game? I downloaded/installed and it says it cannot find on sd card when i hit play game?

  11. Well, as great as it may sound, it is still extremely hard to play using Volume button and the trackball.

    Good effort though :)

  12. @Dave Lister – cheers!

  13. @covert go back to playing with your dolly’s

  14. Or why not use the accelometer as you do with Replica Island to move around and then maybe the search button to shoot

  15. Yea, great, now just find a carrier not tanking the Nexus One…

  16. What kind of frame rates is it getting?

  17. Here are the installation instructions taken from the website where the apk is available for download

    (1) Download the kwaak3.apk from the download section and install it on your phone. (Note you need at least Android 1.6)

    (2) Create a directory quake3 in the root of your sdcard and also create a baseq3 directory inside it.

    (3) Copy pak0.pk3 of your Quake3 CD (or from the demo) to the quake3/baseq3 directory.

    (4) Download the Quake3 1.32 point release and copy pak1-pak8.pk3 to quake3/baseq3

    (5) Start the game :)


    so here’s my question,

    where can i download pak0.pk3 from?
    and where can i download pak1-pak8.pk3 from?

  18. @ James

    download a quake .iso to get pak0.pk3

    Download this …


    Then go to the installation directories to get pak1-pak8.pk3

  19. Much thanks Eoin for that link to get pak1-pak8.pk3

    now would anyone please point me in the direction to a download link to get pak0.pk3 please?

  20. @James
    Download the Quake 3 image from a torrent

  21. here’s a link to the pak0 file that you need

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