Bell Set To Launch The HTC Legend?

Canadian carrier Bell isn’t new to the Android game, anymore, with them receiving their first Android phone some months back, but now they’re ready to up the ante and keep the devices rolling. The latest rumor comes out of MobileSyrup, who’s been tipped that the HTC Legend will make its way to Bell sometime this summer.


The HTC Legend is basically an HTC Hero with Android 2.1 and an AMOLED display, some would describe it, but I’m sure many Bell customers would appreciate another device (mid-range or otherwise) with Android to sink their teeth into. MobileSyrup states they’ll have more updates soon, so sit tight.

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  • msgnyc

    ohh so sexy
    still hate the Jay Leno chin present on the G1, Hero and now Legend.

  • Dennis

    “The HTC Legend is basically an HTC Hero with Android 2.1 and an AMOLED display”..
    And more ram and a faster processor and a unbodied construction,,

  • pancho

    What is the other Android device Bell has?

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    The Samsung Galaxy @pancho

  • astria

    so, where’s 2.1 for Hero then? if the 2 are so similar…

  • jerbear

    Wish Sprint would get this as a companion to the Evo the way Droid had Eris.

  • Gsm Unlocked Miami

    I found it on For the Best Price ever!!!!

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    I love the red on the Legend.


    What about the touch screen/keyboard devices as problematic as ppl said it was it was i really loved the 6800. Once i custom rom’d it it was the perfect phone. I think i may just buy a touch pro 2 and chill out, no need to sign into a new contract no savings there really.


    but i love the device still, especially the hope for htc/bell it represents.

  • Montreal Computer Repair – Laptop & Desktop

    I really would prefer the iphone though…