Skyfire And Hulu Are Now BFFs, Latest Update Enables Shoddy Compatibility

Hey guys, I just got done watching a hilarious episode of The Office. On my phone. Via the Skyfire browser. Thanks to Hulu. A recent update to the Skyfire browser seems to have quietly enabled support. It’s unsure if this was given the green light by Hulu or not, but venturing to an episode or clip of one of your favorite shows allows Skyfire to detect the video content on the page and play it in the browser’s innovative “Video” feature.


The reason I believe this is unofficial is because of the fact that it doesn’t work all the time. After watching about a minute of The Office, I looked to stop the video in order to write this article. After trying to relaunch the same video, I was met with the dreaded denial message you get when trying to access Hulu from a non-supported platform. In any case, it’s something cool to try out, but whatever you try to get playing will be a shot in the dark. Perhaps, one day, Hulu will stop restricting other web-enabled devices from accessing their content: I’m sure they’d appreciate the extra bump in ad revenue.

[Thanks, AndroidForums]

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  • Ratnok

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m going to try that out right now! Android FTW!!!!

  • Paris

    Omg omg I’m trying it now!

  • artcarney

    OMG! Hulu on my mt3g running Donut!

  • redandblack1287


  • Tim

    Just confirmed it works. Watched an entire episode of family guy. This is awesome.

  • Sniper Fox

    After going to marketplace and forcing the update, I’m still getting the “This content isn’t available on your platform” message. Looks like hulu already reacted and banned it.

  • John J

    Hey thanks for the tips. I tried it 1st time it didnt work. I then check the browser page load as and it was under Android. So I changed it to Desktop and exit & clear the cache and tried again and IT WORKED!!!!!



  • Jeff

    The first time I tried a video it didn’t work. but then I just reloaded it and it worked perfectly.

  • Tim


    You have to click on the menu then click the video button to get it to load.

  • Paris

    It workssssss I just watched an episode of www superstars… Awesome browser

  • super droid

    Just worked for me!!!!!!!

  • duke69111

    It actually works pretty good on a 30 min eposide of family guy.

  • Bob

    @Tim What video button?

  • Cpt Mike Beard

    I streamed 2 of the latest free episodes of the daily show last night on a plane.
    The chump next to me asked where I bought them.
    “they’re free. I’m streaming flash” said I as the chump went back to playing on his iPhone.
    AHHH!!!! YES!!!!

  • Tim

    @Bob if you hit the menu button on the phone it brings up a menu bar at the bottom. The leftmost button is a video button with a popup of the video that it finds on the page. just click the popup and it should load.

  • G1toN1

    @sniper fox
    I have the same problem!

  • Cpt Mike Beard

    @G1toN1: Had the same problem. Used @JohnJ’s solution. It worked.

  • mrmojoz

    I wonder how long this will be allowed to continue considering Hulu’s normal approach to things like this.

  • prepsel

    Nope…I have a Hero rooted with Skyfire and couldn’t get it to work…hmmm I think they are on to us LOL

  • AusFest

    I just loaded a full movie, thats pretty awesome. Hit the menu button on your phone to bring up the video option. First click what you wanna watch, after the browser is done working……. hit menu on your phone and the video option should pop up.

  • Ratnok

    Ok. I just watched the last episode of lost. Navigation is pretty clunky, but it gets the job done in the end. This will be a good holdover until Froyo enables full Flash.

  • Bob

    @Tim Thanks! I had disabled the toolbar. After going into settings and re-enabling it I got it working. Sweet!

  • Ali

    all i get is “media error 100:10″

  • prepsel

    Snap…I updated Skyfire and now I’m watching Lost!!!

  • Will S

    It may not work 100% of the time, but thats what a refresh button is for. This is a fantastic addition to the Android platform, if it lasts. Flash video/Hulu support especially just gave our platform a competitive edge over the iPhones for the masses (at least until Adobe, Motorola, and Google make good on their promises of a real working flash player that doesn’t just run at Adobe events). Here I am 1/2 way into my Droids life expectency (for me at least), nearly at 2H 2010, and STILL no f’ing flash player that I was promised before buying the phone on release day. Back on topic; get skyfire its sweet.


    it WORKS!! Just follow Tim (poster #9)

  • Dusty

    When you browse to hulu it says, “Hulu requires Flash Player 10.0.22 or higher. Please….” If you then click menu and then select video down below it will open up a new window to stream the video. My 3g connection is slow (1/2 mb) so I am getting video and audio sync issues but I imagine on a faster connection this rocks!

  • Dave

    Like the others, I had some initial issues, but refreshing and retrying gets it to work. Droid.

  • G1toN1

    @Cpt Mike Beard
    thanks tried it and it works now!!! YES

  • nicks

    watched a full epidsode of the cleveland show then watch a video at

  • chunksta

    Just tried it myself….f’n thing works! Was watching the latest episode of the simpsons…great opening…hilarious

  • Tyler

    NICE!!!! Tried Netflix and XM Radio with the new updated Browser and it actually gets me to the flash screens and installs now. Still doesn’t work, but it looks like their almost there.

  • J Dub

    For those its not working for be sure you go into the market and re-download. My initial first try didnt work. after the market update to 2.0.1 (from like or something like that) it worked like a charm.

  • Deroy

    One word, Awesome! Connect it to your car stereo and enjoy a movie theater experience during your lunch break at work.

  • AsianBob

    Just confirmed for myself it works! Score for Android and Skyfire!

  • Richard

    ESPN videos work too.

  • Joe

    Boo hoo

    My Sprint Samsung Moment, stuck with Android 1.5 (c’mon Sprint!!!!) would not play a video from Hulu… Before I tried it, I uninstalled 2.0 of Skyfire and reinstalled 2.1.1 (today).
    When I went to watch a video, it told me that “unfortunately” the video could not be played on my platform.
    (other videos via Skyfire and YouTube do play well)

  • brian

    dammit hulu, please don’t ruin this for us!

    we’re still watching the ads!

    it’s so… so beautiful streaming hulu on my htc incredible…. jesus, i think i’m gonna cry

  • Son

    It works on my Hero, i still have 1.5. But the quality is pretty bad.

  • Kid Twist

    Just tried Hule on my Eris with 1.5. It works just fine, especially over WiFi. Watched a few seconds of Glee. Will explore further after work. (Can’t wait to show this to my Apple-fanboy friends).

  • Paul

    OMG this is so sexy on my phone. I was sitting there in disbelief that I am watching hulu on my Droid. I will never, ever leave this bloated technology ;)

  • Luke

    Doesn’t seem to work perfectly but I got a few videos to play. Some gave me the screen saying it wasn’t compatible but the last few I’ve played worked.

  • Q M

    This is amazing. the first step towards watching actual shows on our devices. Just think, one day Movies will be released on mobile phones.

  • Greg – Moto Droid

    I occasionally have to reload a video, but it’s working just fine on my Motorola Droid as of 3:22pm today.

    I’m digging Deroy’s idea, unfortunately I park a few too many blocks away so that’s not so feasible on my lunch breaks. The car dock would add to the experience, no doubt.

    I enjoyed a couple of clips of House related video, but I haven’t ventured to try a full episode or a movie or anything of that sort yet. I can only hope that this isn’t something Hulu can or wants to overcome.

  • dan

    Wat version is this? The new version of skyfire i just got says that hulu is blocked on the on-market changelog, the current one i have does work.

  • Alex

    No matter what I do it doesn’t work, I get “this video is currently unavailable.” Reinstalled, cleared cache, set browser to desktop, nothing works. :(

  • Gemni

    Hey Guys,
    Im getting the message “Unfortunately this video is not available on ur platform we apologize for any inconvenience.” Is anyone else getting this?

  • rocco

    Ok everyone i feel left out! I’m trying it on my Nexus and it keeps giving me the “this video is currently unavailable”! i changed to desktop, cleared cache, cookies, etc restarted and im having the same issue!! let me try and uninstall skyfire and reinstall. hopefully that works!!

  • mrmojoz

    “Boo hoo
    My Sprint Samsung Moment, stuck with Android 1.5 (c’mon Sprint!!!!) would not play a video from Hulu…”

    You are doing it wrong. It works fine on my Moment with 1.5

  • SourDieseL

    someone list some adult sites that work fyi does work without the firesky browser


    doesn’t work anymore. It quit about 2 hours after my earlier post. Then just downloaded new version as well..still doesn’t work

    Hulu caught on to us….. bummer!

  • Dave

    I got it to work at ~2PM EST today, but it isn’t working now (~6PM). I’m guessing Hulu cut us off. Boo.

  • Concerned_Citizen

    “This content isn’t available on your platform” message for everything I’ve tried to play. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. What a tease!

  • Concerned_Citizen

    Just as I sent that, it says on the SkyFire market page that Hulu is blocking SkyFire. D’oh!

  • rocco

    BUMMER! i guess i’ll be patient at wait for Flash!!

  • John



    Where do I go to “clear cache” because I’ve been through the settings and didn’t see it. TIA


    I’m using Android on Incredible HTC

    I reinstalled Skyfire

    I downloaded “the office” from

    “Unfortunately, this video is not avaliable on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

    I have a feeling Steve Jobs is paying them to fix their website each time we find a way in.

  • Hello0187

    Well… I think they are on to us, no dice!

  • The_Omega_Man

    You can go to some of the major network web sites and watch from there…I did this with several Family Guy episodes on Fox

  • AGx-07_162

    Says in the Market description for Skyfire that Hulu has blocked the app.

  • s

    hulus whack. i never used to watch it on my pc because they hardly had full videos. then suddenly they have ads all over the place and some kinda deal with family guy where the new episodes pop up like the next day. now when people can watch on their phones, they wanna crap on us? f**k hulu!!!