Sprint HTC Hero Getting 2.1 Update May 7th? Best Buy Seems To Think So

I know you’re all getting tired of the OTA (or OTW) shenanigans lately, but it’s only right we report on any plausible evidence of an update headed your way. This time, a Best Buy internal document (I used to work for Best Buy and it looks pretty legit) shows that an update will be available this Friday, May 7th for Sprint customers with the HTC Hero. It includes instructions for employees on how to apply the update to a customer’s phone as well as a bullet point list of information they’ll need to explain to the customer.

htc-hero-sprint-may-7 (1)

It is, in fact, the Android 2.1 update everyone’s looking for. It’s also apparent that the update will be available either on Sprint or HTC’s site. If it does end up being available on the latter, it makes me wonder if this will be available for all HTC Heroes on Friday, as well.We also hope to see the Samsung Moment get its 2.1 love soon, too, as I’m sure many of you are.¬†As usual, time will tell, but we’ll revisit this on Friday to see if Best Buy, Sprint, and HTC aren’t bluffing after all.

[xda via Engadget]

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  • Warman

    What happened to Droid Eris getting the 2.1 update?

  • Andy

    Can’t wait for all the customs roms that will popop up after this release

  • tom


  • Chris

    I’m calling B.S. I’ll believe it when my phone is being updated

  • Cool

    Hahaha Chris… the sentiments of many a Hero owner. When it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t then oh well.

  • Mike

    I use to work at Bestbuy too, thats definatly a the moniters they use and that is the format they use for their docs. I’d believe it.

  • WhyKillRobots

    Yep, agreed… Believe it when I see it!

  • http://www.theswearjar.blogspot.com Dean

    Nice, try, Lucy, but I’m not going for that football. I’ll believe it when I actually have it.

  • Sizzler

    Be glad that a update is even being discussed for your phone. All I hear is crickets when I ask about a 2.1 update for the original myTouch 3G.

  • Lewis


    If the Hero is getting the update on Friday, the Droid Eris likely isn’t far behind.

  • Jared

    Does this mean it will be available for the Mytouch as well? There isn’t much difference between the magic and the sapphire, right?

  • ToxicNarcotic

    I’m running 2.1 right now on my G1, a phone older than yours. Rooting your phone and upgrading to Cyanogen5 is ultra easy. There’s tons of wikis and guides online, even videos where you just do what they do. You’ll be up and running after a half hour rocking multiple gmail accounts, live wallpaper, 5 homescreens, wireless tethering, overclocked speed….

    Or you can wait for a OTA update that’s never coming and complain in the comments section. Whatever.

  • Terry

    Since my Hero’s only a few months old, I’ll just wait for HTC/Sprint’s official update. I may be missing out on all the cool features of 2.1 for now, but I’m not willing to take a chance with my warranty (or even “bricking” my phone!). Side note: I called my local Best Buy last night when I saw this on another site. The BBMobile rep I talked to said his screen was telling him the update *might* be delayed until June. “C’est la vie” with an HTC Hero, right?

  • Son

    @ToxicNarcotic, does everything works in your mod rom?

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    Im gettin annoyed with Best Buy….These fucks tend to act like they tell the carriers when their shit is gonna get released and not when the Carriers will do it.

    Why dont they jus shut the hell up and let Sprint or HTC do the talkin??

  • Bavarian Cave Monkey

    Oh No! Not Again I will believe when I see it! Been running Damageless Rom 2.1 for a while, excellent ROM! few small unnoticeable issues but strong and fast. everything works even live wallpapers but would love an official 2.1 Rom with no issues. Will I have to unroot or just load the Rom?

  • ToxicNarcotic

    @Son Cyanogen is at 100%. Cyanogen 5-test is about 95% . Couple more tests and it’ll be perfect.

  • slagathor34

    Like Chris said….”I call B. S.” but will add: I’ll believe it when the update is complete and my phone is running 2.1

  • Ray180

    I sure hope this means the Eris will be getting the same update around the same time. The Eris is just a slightly modified and renamed Hero, right? It’s discouraging that that only news I’ve heard on the Eris recently is the possibility of Verizon discontinuing it.

  • Thefoodman52

    I think that…. if it fixes some of the more outstanding issues with the phone, great! If it’s just all the bells and whistles of 2.1, then I don’t really want it if it’s not addressing the current issues, and instead is just stacking more problems on top.

  • Thomas

    I talked to the Best Buy Mobile salesperson last night and she said that the e-mail is legit and to come in on Friday and they will help me get the update on my Hero so I will go in tomorrow to get and I’ll report back.

  • Jim fae buckie

    There wont be a 2.1 upgrade in UK until June 25, ive been talking to local carriers about upgrading, im now going for the nexus, you lot should too!

  • http://www.theswearjar.blogspot.com Dean
  • Thomas

    I just talked with another Best Buy person and he says he thinks it’s ROM update to help with picture mail and not the 2.1 update since the e-mail does not specify that it is. So my question is this, if I root my phone and put a custom 2.1 ROM on it, would I be able to put the Sprint/HTC version if and when it is released?

  • Desiree

    I called sprint today over an ongoing text delay issue and ‘standby for connecting to mobile network’ and the rep told me the 2.1 would fix this and will me available either tomorrow or in the next couple weeks.

  • http://gamingbygrace.com Hampteezy

    At the end of the day when you hero owners actually do get your 2.1 android update, your phone will still be a hero, not the Evolution 4G. Face.

  • Ravi

    not out yet :/

  • Anonymous

    lol i knew it.

  • http://www.geek-weekly.com/ GEEK

    I’m hearing that the Hero 2.1 upgrade will now happen on the 21st of May. I know, just more hear say. :-(

  • Matthew Hutchinson

    You should see the stick HTC are getting on Facebook about the Hero 2.1 update. Every time HTC post a comment about any of their products being updated, the place is flooded with Hero users asking whats happening. It’s like a riot in there. Quite funny actually. But honestly, i’m not holding my hopes up on HTC anymore with the update, or whoever else is involved with the delays. i.e. T-mobile? It all seems to be broken promises to me over and over again. :-/