We’re Patiently Awaiting Oprah To Say “You Get A Phone”, Rocks EVO 4G on TV

We suspected Sprint would soon get churning on their marketing campaign for the ground-breaking HTC EVO 4G: their upcoming exclusive event for the device is a pretty big deal, and we’ve even possibly seen the device in the wild already. Now, Oprah is flaunting the 4.3-inch saliva-inducing beaut on national television. The phone was featured while she promoted her new “No Phone Zone” promotion (urging her viewers not to use their phones and drive at the same time).

An early June date sounds more and more promising as we see the EVO 4G continue to show up in more ways than one. We’ll be right here to let you know when we can put a solid date and pricing on this thing, but until then, watch the video below if you aren’t an Oprah fan and didn’t get the title of this post.

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  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    Thanks to Oprah…KFC still owes me 2 pc. Grilled Chicken…She even Made the Pontiac G6 Respectable…..Im sure Hesse will soon be on Commercials saying…”You may have seen the EVO 4G on the Oprah show but we can t keep up with demand…please be patient. Were trying to fill as many orders as we can”

  • Stephen

    Whoever is working over in the Sprint marketing department needs to get a medal for having Oprah show it off. She is one super mega marketing powerhouse. Anything she mentions on her show goes to bestseller status overnight. If Oprah has one this thing has to be getting closer to release.

  • Phil

    Oprah could pull Android a long way just by saying “I like this phone” lol. I hope she does make more mention of it.

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    I see it now…”Everyone look under you seats….Its An EVO 4G with a Year of Service from Sprint!”

    *Women Swoon…and their husbands cry*

  • Ty

    @phones LMAO that is hilarious. I have talked to 3 sprint representatives in the past week and they all have repeated the same thing to me…. that is the evo will be released at the end of this month even before june

  • Cliff

    Guess I’ll have to pre-order or wait in line after all.

  • Sprint Hero Guy

    Oprah brainwashes woman across the country. @Ty, Sprint reps don’t know jack, dude.

  • webby

    +1, what you said, Sprint Hero Guy

  • Keoni

    I think Ty might be kind of right. I don’t think you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy one till June, but I think pre-orders will start. This is the first phone I’ve been excited about since my g1, I just hope this one won’t be as much of a let down as that was (non rooted).

  • Osbor


    the video is set to private, bros

  • Dean

    First Video doesn’t work Private video

  • petebog

    @Ty, i hope you are right, sprint absolutely needs to get this phone out, Verizon is coming out with 2 new androids (rumor) already has the incredible, even if this phone is less than the EVO, it still trumps anything sprint currently has, and on top of it all,the I-phone 4g coming 6/8. Sprint… get this phone out NOW

  • fligurl

    You get an Evo, you get an Evo and you get an Evo! It might be time to get tickets for the Oprah Show. I bet she’ll be giving them away!

  • Dennis

    @Phones Jugglin
    If I was owed some free KFC Grilled chicken.. It would go uncollected.. total failure IMHO.

  • Jay49

    i think sprint will release the EVO to its S|P customers first June 5th #imjustsaying lol ;-)