LG Ally Officially Confirmed To Get a May 20th Release

Right as I was winding down for a relaxing weekend a leaked TV spot for the LG Ally hit the webz, showing off a pretty hefty promotional tie-in with the upcoming release of Iron Man 2. Today LG issued a press release giving us a few more details about the release schedule and functions of the phone. The Ally will be LG’s first Android handset and, as was the case when it was called the Aloha (lets just assume they are still the same phone in a different casing), augmented reality will be heavily featured on the device.


LG plans to showcase its augmented reality technology, which it claims is the first of its kind for any Android phone, at a special event on May 11th. They also play up the “Stark-worthyness” of said event in a reference to the titular character of Iron Man 2‘s alter-ego, billionaire government-contractor Tony Stark. The Ally will follow for release on May 20th, and while no carrier is confirmed we can only assume it will be Verizon, as the LG Chocolate and enV Touch are also mentioned in the release as receiving a special limited-edition Iron Man comic book with each purchase of a new handset.

LG is also hosting a contest to win an LG Ally, tickets to an upcoming Marvel movie premier, and a 55″ LG HDTV. Just text LGIM2 to 95173 or visit LGIM2.com

Again, the focus on augmented reality lines up with what we have heard of the Aloha, so all signs point to this handset still being the 1GHz Snapdragon beast with a slide-out QWERTY, albeit in a slightly different packaging. All will be revealed in due time, however.

[Press Release]

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  • Chupp

    i hope this does end up coming to verizon

  • FacebookAppStops

    If it does, this won’t be the final name… it shall be renamed the “Droid Ally”

  • G1toN1

    nope its the ally i saw the commercial last night on adult swim and yes it’s for verizon

  • tehpwnerer1918

    What are we looking at for specs? Is this an Incredible with a slide out keyboard or does it have more sac?

  • TzuDohNihm

    If this is Incredible comparable with the fantastic LG QWERTY then I am glad the release is within my 30 day return window.

  • Ban

    wtf? it says 3.2″ screen on iron man site. For fucks sake all i want is a decent phone with a keyboard is that so fucking hard ?