HTC EVO 4G Steals A Phone Display Spot At Sprint Store

Either someone jumped the gun pretty early in setting up their HTC EVO 4G display, or Sprint is about to begin rolling out their marketing campaign for the HTC EVO 4G. A forum member over at PPC Geeks walked into a Sprint store and caught the little bugger off guard as he was propped up on one very lucky phone holder.


The user shot the photo with his HTC Touch Pro 2, which is why the image is so blurry, but the Photoshop’d’ers (people who call out when an image has been modified in Photoshop) might venture to guess otherwise. It could be an HD2 with a snapshot of the Sense UI pasted onto it, but the hardware buttons still resemble what we saw on the EVO.

I also know that it shouldn’t be that hard to take a fairly clear picture with a Touch Pro 2 – that’s unless, of course, the guy was just way too excited and couldn’t keep his hands from violently shaking. In any case, I journeyed back to the supposed original forum post, however theĀ  original post showing the picture seems to have been removed (another user has since provided us with a mirror). Make of this what you will, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the forum thread for more details if any turn up.

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  • kevin

    I think bogus judging on the quality of the picture.

  • Craig

    They said this was found in central Florida, where I happen to live, I should check if I can find this puppy.

  • nelson

    look at the price tag.. it says FREE.. i call BULLSHIT!!

  • BigT

    yes I vote that if the video isn’t clear none of these gadget sites should report on it…i mean come on today’s tech age we can’t take clear videos? I call BS…

    My second thought is…man I can’t wait for this phone. I feel like I’m 8 and Christmas is tomorrow.

  • jonostack

    These devices are being beta tested by Sprint employees. It may have been placed in the display to see what kind of reaction it drove to the store. I can tell you that the device has not been added to any internal work sites or aids at sprint. It is usually added a month or two before release. The rumoured date is 6/6/10.

  • moises

    every time a see a picture like this is fake,why because usually people take more than one picture and choose the best one and in this case it was the worse one? give me a break, fake…..

  • Carl Bordelon

    I belive it, since you can tell it’s an Evo. But there’s NO excuse to take a blurry picture like this. I have a TP2 and it takes really good pictures…so don’t blame it on the TP2.

  • dawn

    I am being driven crazy by son that wants this phone. He sent me 9 txt messages from his droid about this phone. I keep telling him he is not getting this phone because I am not switching to Sprint just because he wants this phone. I think he is being a spoiled brat to constantly be pressuring me for a phone. He has a droid…..That should be good enough. Please write and tell him what a spoiled brat he is…..

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    I have a TP2. Shame on this man for the photo. It takes pretty decent pictures. Just hold the phone steady and let the lens focus. I would have taken 2 or 3…At least 1 with the Screen unlocked….Blurr or no blurr

  • BrianC

    To Dawn’s son:
    No one is stopping you from getting this phone, switch to sprint and pay for the phone and service yourself.

  • Guy

    To Dawn’s son:
    This phone is gonna be awesome unfortunately your mother’s counseling costs too much. She can’t afford to buy such a “spoiled brat” such an awesome phone.

  • SK

    Looks like Bigfoot to me.

  • Ian

    To Dawn’s son:
    Keep at it guy. Sooner or later Dawn will finally where down and then voila the EVO is yours :)

  • Zach

    I’m glad you all are sticking to your June 6 guns because it just means that everyone is going to be very surprised (and ecstatic) when it releases THIS MONTH. Les prometo.

  • swehes

    @Dawn – why don’t you just take the Droid away from him and see how he handles being without a phone? My kids will not have a phone until they are old enough to pay for it themselves!

  • MVTom

    Supposedly this was found in central Florida? Sprint has no current nor “expected soon” 4G coverage in central Florida, why would they have an EVO 4G in inventory there?I vote FAKE.

  • Informed

    @MVTom, the EVO will be released in all Sprint markets, 3G and 4G.

  • E. HILL


  • javy

    I really want to see how the HDMI out works in person. This is going to be a huge feature going forward, I just hope there’s some dedicated graphics handling it.