Two New Android MIDs Coming Out of China

Aigo is not new to the MID business, having released previous units such as the P8860 and the Maemo-powered N500, but they are looking to make a splash with the introduction of their first TWO tablet-style MIDs powered by Android. The 5-inch E500 and 7-inch E700 will run Android 1.6, make use of capacitive touchscreens with multi-touch support, and bring it all together with a Rockchip 2808 processor. Both sport sleek, all-metal casing. Take a look at the E700:


And the E500:


Looking pretty good, if you ask me. The devices will come with built-in support for e-book and e-magazine services, and will be aimed towards those looking for an engaging media experience in the same vein as the Archos 7 Home Tablet. Pricing  is said to be around 1500 Yuan (~$220) most likely for the smaller of the two MIDs, but more pricing and availability details should be forthcoming soon as the devices are slated for a release some time in May.

Check out some more images over at Pocketables.

[via Pocketables]

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  • Phil

    Ok I don’t understand why companies coming out with NEW products are still on 1.6. Its one thing to have 2.0 and up come out near your launch date. But I think theres been plenty of time to get products that aren’t out yet and don’t even have launch dates up to the latest OS version.

  • Jason

    I agree with Phil

  • Wello

    I think there’s something with +2.x. The open license is not released or something like that, hence why only big companies release devices with 2.x

  • jaestoner01

    I likes very much looks like my nexus1 on steroids or
    Should I say androids hehe…… lmfao

  • Shawn

    It looks like a big nexus one :P