Google Unveils Place Pages Mobile for Android

If you have used Google Maps at all lately you will most likely be familiar with Place Pages, a service Google began offering last fall that combined street view images, contact information and hours, reviews, and other social data all in one place. You’d never have to second guess where to eat again, but now Google is letting you take Place Pages to whatever place you like with the new mobile version of the service for Android and iPhone unveiled today.

All you need to do is navigate over to on your Android handset and search for whatever location you desire. Click on the place result to get transferred directly to all the info you could ever need in mobile format. Not that there aren’t already plenty of apps for mobile browsing of place information, but integrating a clean mobile format directly into web browsing is a welcome addition.

[Google Mobile Blog via IntoMobile]

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  • PeDe7

    now we just need that and the bike routes to finally be added onto the maps app

  • Big Stew

    and “Favorites”