HTC Incredible: Unboxing And Pictures


Finally… we’ve got the HTC Incredible! Some of you may be saying, “Finally? It doesn’t come out until Thursday!” but as you probably know, we’ve already seen a bunch of reviews pop up. Nonetheless, we’re working on our own in-depth review, which we’ll post on Wednesday (God willing).

In the meantime enjoy this unboxing:

And these pictures:

And now… time to hold your breath – not too much longer to wait. And FYI, I’m/we’re getting used to new cameras so the quality of future videos/pictures should greatly improve.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Rob Jackson
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  1. rob… PLEASE make sure to include the maxtouch technology to see if they incorporated the screen to be able to be touched with gloves on, maxtouch has demoed this but i wanna know if it is in android phones that use maxtouch or is it specific software that unlocks that feature

  2. So tempting… I don’t know if I can go back to a phone without a keyboard. Make an incredible with a querty and the world might just implode..

  3. BIG +1 for the touchscreen tech…please…nobody in all of the reviews out there, seem to test whether or not you can use your fingernails, gloves and stylus on these new touchscreens.

  4. @chris
    Um. This is what the Moto Droid is for. Please leave this form factor alone. No keyboard required. This is the phone *I* have been waiting for.

    That being said, @Rob. Does the camera STICK OUT? Is it pointless or no?

  5. As if the physical keyboard on the Droid is any good. I took it back because it was pretty much non-functional.

  6. I would still wait a month before getting the phone, though, just to see what kind of reviews it gets after actually being used for something useful.

  7. @Dogsby. I totally agree. The way these superpowered HTC Android phones have been coming out of the woodwork, it would be wise to keep your credit card on ice for until the new iPhone is released at least.

    With the phone wars revving up you HAVE to expect Google to have a earth shattering nuke up their sleeve aimed at Apple this June for the iPhone 4g unveiling. I really think Nexus One was the guinea pig for what is going to be the true iPhone killer. Why would Google only release the Nexus One to such a small market? Beta? Google now knows they can compete but they really haven’t let the big dogs loose yet. Android FTW!

  8. I just realized the EVO has the same red camera ring, red speaker mesh, and red underside as the incredible… Im thinking HTC is making variations of the same phones for different carriers…

  9. The thing about the Evo is that it has a bigger screen but the SAME resolution. I don’t see that as an advantage at all.

  10. @Covert I’m interested in this too. I’ve been introducing the gf to smartphones recently. She has medium length nails. We concluded that the slide out keyboard might be the only option unless this screen solves that problem. Does it combine a capacitive and resistive screen in one? It’s kindof a shame to pick the mytouch slide over the evo 4g, but that’s the situation right now.

  11. This phone look pretty hott but after viewing a few videos and pictures, doesn’t it look kind of cheap? Seriously, take a look at the freakin picture!! (Spray painted red/black on plastics)

  12. Im tempted to get this phone, but not sure i can go without a physical keyboard. Cant wait for the full phandroid review. Hurry up you guys!

  13. That’d be pretty damn interesting if the maXTouch sensor allowed it to be used with gloves… I used my iPod touch two winters ago to navigate thru Boston (on foot) while visiting a friend, it just hadn’t occurred to me that you couldn’t really manipulate the screen w/gloves on… What a pain that was, way too freaking cold to go bare handed and I was scrolling thru the map way too often to just stick it in my pocket, ended up doing an awkward dance w/my thumb out of my glove and whatnot. I didn’t think any capacitive screen would ever work with gloves.

  14. When you do the full review; please confirm that HTC removed the 2.1 Album app and has just the old 1.6 style album (which is a shame if true)

  15. Would be great if the review could include if the Inredible have the same resolution as the Desire thanks to the PenTile Matrix (480×800 becomes 392×653).

  16. I think this phone is so ugly. I really don’t see what all the hype is about. It’s an ugly nexus one. the only thing this phone has on it is the 8 megapixel camera. Sorry, the ridges on the back are unsightly and have no purpose. Such a shame. HTC is still the kings though.

  17. @Say-Low I was thinking exactly the same. I’m an iPhone user willing to buy an Android powered phone, but none of them are really well finished. HTC is a good manufacturer, they put their efforts in the hardware, but forget to finish well the device. By the way, I’ll wait for the new iPhone, but specially for the Dell Thunder, which seems less powerful than the Incredible but much more nice to my eyes.

  18. Can you please do me a favor and actually make some test calls and report on voice quality on both sides? Something else nobody seems to care about for some strange reason.

  19. How about how effective the vibrate mechanism is. My current Storm 1 is just enough, so it would be nice to know if the Incredible will be an improvement or not.

    This may be more of an “Android” thing, but if I receive an email while the phone is holstered, must I hit the power button on top, then swipe the display to unlock, then drag the notification bar down, then hit the message I want to read?

    I fear it is, and I hope that there are apps that can alleviate some of that work. Too bad no one else uses the magnet that Blackberry uses. Get an email on that and all you do is pull it out of it’s holster and the message pops up on the screen automatically.

  20. Hi Rob-Longtime reader.

    I would love some feedback on the durability of the camera lens. I’m not worried so much aesthetically about the fact that it sticks out from the back (my enV does the same, it’s kind of cool), but from the pictures, it seems the top layer of lens “glass” going to be one of the first areas to make contact whenever you set the phone down. I’m worried about scratches resulting which effect future photos. I haven’t seen this addressed on any review so far.

    Also, I did read one review which stated after one day in a pocket with whatever else (and no screen protector), the touch screen already had permanent scars, which the reviewer noted his Moto Droid was still free of after months of the same treatment. Any feedback on that would be appreciated.

    Thanks; and have fun playing with Incredible!

  21. I hope they removed the cooliris gallery. The lower color palette make things look saturated, and the 3d makes everything look blurry. Terrible. If I could downgrade to the 2.0 gallery I would in a heartbeat.

  22. In addition to the requests PLEASE show the portrait compact keyboard. I love using mine on my storm and hate the portrait qwerty keyboard.

  23. NOTE TO ROB!!!!

    Do a browser test with another phone you have! Whether its an Iphone 3gs, Motorola Droid, or something! That’d be great! Thanks!!

  24. For your review, can you comment on whether you can turn off sense (as you can with earlier sense phones). I know everyone is going to say “why would you want to?” but I think stock 2.1 is a whole lot different than the stock android 1.6 sense is often covering up. Regardless, it’s good information to have.

  25. @Dogsby: The camera absolutely does stick out. when resting on a flat surface, the phone has 3 points of contact, the two bottom corners and the bottom edge of the camera bezel.
    The camera bezel is anodized aluminum, which should protect it somewhat from damage but the red anodization could eventually wear away if not careful.
    Furthermore the goofy tripod stance of the phone means the phone rocks slightly if you push on the left-side of the phone while it’s laying flat on a table. I posted a video that shows this behavior here: http://androidforums.com/613200-post129.html

  26. 1st, I just wanna say that the fact that you didn’t get your phone till now is really poor form by Verizon/HTC/Google/whoever the hell is in charge of dealing out phones for early reviews. Phandroid/Androidforums was responsible for sooooo much hype of this phone.
    Moving on, here are some things I’d also like to see in the review.
    1) The gloves/stylus/nail touchscreen capabilities.
    2) Test the wireless n (if you have access to a wireless-n-only router).
    3) Maybe just for fun do something like a quick look at the stock browser vs. something like xScope. (What I’d really PREFER is a full browser showdown handled the same way the streaming music showdown is being handled).
    Thanks in advance!

  27. Im so tempted to cancel my contract and pick this thing up.

  28. Im really starting to like this site.. very “for the people of android” … and the fact that u guys just got the phone for review, just makes the review more trusted. Unlike the websites whove “magically” had it over a month now… site has a very underdog vibe… i like

  29. 1. Test for Full Bluetooth calling
    2. Test for Bluetooth file beaming options.
    3. Test to see if the signature line is big enough for a 200 word paragraph as now days in many professional fields we are required to have huge disclaimers for our signatures in e-mails.
    4. Test battery life in various power usages.
    5. Test the friend stream app thing to see if it’s really “all that.”

  30. +1 to everything Mark said.

  31. No 3 gold dots on the bottom…

    I’m disappointed that no other phones are taking advantage of that interesting option that Google added to the N1. This is 2010 the wireless age. I should be able to drop my phone into any base and it should auto detect what base it is, connect and open the correct app on its own. as well as charge the device. No Cables to plug in. This is by far one of my favorite features on the N1.

  32. Did it come with the 2GB microSD card that Verizon said it would include to those who pre-ordered the phone?

  33. In (credeible) Transit:

    Apr 27, 2010 10:15 AM In transitMEMPHIS,
    TNApr 26, 2010 4:12 AM Shipment information sent to FedEx
    Apr 25, 2010 7:19 PM Arrived at FedEx locationMEMPHIS, TNApr 25, 2010 2:55 PM Picked upMEMPHIS, TN

  34. @Tom Bee, thanks for the detailed info. Mine’s shipping from Memphis, as well, but has not updated since 4:12AM 4/26/10 when Shipment information was sent to FedEx, and I’m getting a little FedUp with wondering where it’s at or if it’s still sitting in Memphis. Especially since I’ve seen some people getting their phones today, and mine’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

    We shall see. I emailed FedEx to complain about their lack of updates, I’m not sure how they’ll respond.

    Thanks again, though.

  35. @Jack Black, they other sites got review units… these are final production models that the company (HTC / Verizon) sends out to trusted reviewers and journalists to help spread the word how good their product is before they actually release it, they didn’t magically get it a month early, HTC sent it to them to review for the public, phandroid for some reason was late in the game recieving theirs :(

  36. My FedEx Tracking number shows that it’s out for delivery! Can’t wait!

  37. @RuDdOgG, Luckeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Just got mine today via fed ex. The phone came with the 2gb card. I cant play with it yet because my wife is at work and its her phone.

  39. I’m in the same boat with Jenn & Tom. Mine’s sitting somewhere in Memphis, but supposed to be delivred tomorrow by 7pm. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Departed

    Apr 27, 2010 2:27 PM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
    Apr 27, 2010 10:15 AM In transit MEMPHIS, TN
    Apr 26, 2010 4:12 AM Shipment information sent to FedEx
    Apr 25, 2010 7:19 PM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
    Apr 25, 2010 2:55 PM Picked up MEMPHIS, TN

  41. The more I see this phone, I think that the 8mp camera may have to be that tall since it has to share the overall depth with the AMOLED screen on the opposite side. That also leads me to believe that if the phone just had a square back (as opposed to the multi-level plateau) it would cause the phone to be more unstable while lying on its back since the camera is not centered at the that end of the phone. I’m noticing the second tier or plateau on the battery cover (just above the “with Google” trademark) has an angle to it that does not seem to match any design elements under the cover. I think it has that angle to create a more balanced tripod effect with the elevated camera, increasing the phones stability on surfaces. The pyramid effect on the rear cover also allows for less distorted speakerphone and an overall feeling of a thinner phone for one handed grasping and thumb browsing. We’ll see in less than two days! Goodbye Omnia 2/WM6.5, you never satisfied me…

  42. are you all doing anything about cases from the get-go? looking to see what comes out from third parties? I would like at least some kind of shell case…mine will be at best buy on thursday. car keys will be in my hands all day.

  43. Is the 2GB offer only good for pre-orders? I don’t see it on the Verizon website. But I didn’t sign up for the emails for information about the preorder either. Was it in there? I was going to wait until tomorrow and go to the store so I could see the phone first but if that is the case I will order by 4pm today to get the card.

  44. Anyone else still waiting on their order to process? I placed mine on Thursday (so a week from launch) and when I go to the order tracking page, it says still processing, check back tomorrow. Whats the deal, if people are already receiving theres?

  45. The Fed-Ex Fairy just dropped a box on my desk!! OOOOH Boy!

  46. I don’t know if anyone has answered this, but . . .

    @Covert: I’ve been playing around with my Incredible for two days now, and the touch DOES work with some sort of fabric barrier between my fingers and the screen (read as cleaning cloth). I have not tried with gloves, but I can guarantee that it reads quite well even with several layers of the cloth between fingers and screen.

    There were comments early on about how the screen is “washed out” in direct sunlight. This is not really the case, and I’ll tell you why: The Incredible has a very, very glossy screen surface, much like other phones. In direct sunlight, this surface will reflect more than allow you to see the screen, BUT I just adjusted the angle of the screen slightly and presto, I could see the screen with no problem.

    I have connected to a Draft-N router, though as for the N-capability of the device, I cannot say for certain yet. I believe it is disabled for the time being, as enabling N would drain more power than B or G.

    The camera lens does protrude from the back of the phone, but the actual sensor seems fairly well protected.

    The web browser is incredibly fast . . . (ok, bad pun, but completely unintentional (^.^#), I swear) . . . and while connected to EVDO, I could pull up webpages only slightly slower than my laptop.

    The Camera is amazing, in both low light and outside. if anyone wants some samples, I can provide them.

    All around, the phone is very, very fast, and the SenseUI doesn’t slow it down a bit. Transitions between home screens are fast, and the handy “Expose”-like feature (by tapping on the Home key) is very nice.

    The strange thing is that in order to download attachments from emails requires the external MicroSD card. Even though I already have 4 or so (woot.com is awesome), Verizon included a 2GB card, packaged in sharp, hard plastic for my pleasure (and I have a nice little gash in my thumb as proof, lol). Installing the card was easy, and the phone instantly recognized it. Nice.

    An interesting feature I came across as I plugged the phone into my computer was a dialogue that came up that let me choose between “USB Charging,” “HTC sync,” “Disk Drive,” Aaaaaaand “Mobile Broadband Connect!” So, you can (theoretically) tether this device right out of the box. Hopefully a verizon programmer isn’t looking at this and they come out with an OTA patch in the next 48 hours, but oh well.

    The Mad Technologist

  47. so where’s the review?

  48. The Mad Technologist, can you use your fingernails on the incredible?

  49. UPDATE: Incredible screen DOES NOT work with fingernails or gloves on… ~.5mm thick cloth between your finger and screen is about its limits.
    Other than that the phone is a total BA (fast).

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