Velocity Micro Introduces The 7-inch Cruz Tablet

These days, it seems like if you aren’t coming out with – or at least working on – an Android-based tablet, then you’re a part of the minority. Computer manufacturer Velocity Micro is cooking up their own tablet which features a 7-inch screen capacitive screen, an 800mhz processor, and Android 2.1

velocity micro cruz tablet

It’s not yet clear which architect the processor is based on, but it might be decent if they can confidently ship the device with Froyo. The Cruz will come with its own Market, so the fate of the Android market’s presence on this device remains to be seen. Expect this little piece of delight late summer at a sub-$300 price point.

[Source] [Engadget]

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  • Haggie

    I think that products like this will (or already have) frozen the “slate” market with the exception of Apple FanBoyz.

    I think most tech-savvy consumers are sitting on the sidelines right now knowing that the killer slate/tablet product probably hasn’t even been announced yet, but will be here by late summer.

    -10″ screen
    -SD card
    -Wifi and 3G
    -Android store
    -forward-facing camera
    -Snapdragon or better
    -Video out (option, but if the Incredible can do it, why not?)

    That is the tablet I will rush out to buy.

  • Logotic

    Cruz Market sounds like a leather bar