European HTC Legend To Receive Fix For Missing Apps

Users have reportedly been having problems seeing apps in the market for some time now. Specifically, users of the HTC Desire and HTC Legend overseas have been unable to see certain apps (such as Twidroid, amongst others), however the Legend’s problem seems to differ from what Desire users suffer from. The problem – which seems very trivial and foolish – is that those apps were unable to see the camera on the phone.


HTC has acknowledged this and will be beaming over a quick update to your phones very soon. Your phone should scream at you (or beep, I forget which) when the update is available. This still seems to be unrelated to copy protection, though, which Google has yet to address.

[HTC via Engadget]

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  • ekie

    i dont know why,theres always problem with android

  • Koxx

    cool, pure calendar will be back :)

  • Mikey D

    Great. How about the mytouch 1.2 =/

  • Quboid

    Gah, you got my hopes up that this was a fix for the copy protection. Come on Google, stop encouraging piracy.

  • Brad

    HTC Hero has been missing applications from the Market for ages with no one taking ownership of the issue. HTC don’t want to know, carriers don’t want to know, Google don’t want to know. Are these issues related:

  • Phil

    Not to mention the other issue in that you can’t buy apps on the market with a Google Apps enabled email address.

  • sean

    that’s funny. I have a legend in AU. I Can’t see my paid apps like vacuum and others, but can see and have downloaded the barcode scanner, not shown on the EU handset

  • RobF

    I wish they’d get on with enabling the copy protected apps for my Desire :(

  • RobF

    I don’t believe it, I think it’s fixed, I can see apps I couldn’t get to yesterday!!!! (UK SIM free HTC Desire)

  • Quboid

    Yep, the Desire is now getting DRM apps yay. Apparently there are some missing for other reasons, such as National Rail (I guess a UK train schedule app) because of a separate licensing issue between the dev and the rail networks.