Google Maps Navigation Finds Its Way to the UK


If you’re from the UK and find yourself getting lost often, fret not: The excellent and free navigation service of Google Maps is now available for handsets running Android 1.6 or later. Phones meeting this requirement should have been pushed an update to Google Maps Navigation 4.1.1 beta. All the same features carry over from the American version, including voice search, street view, and turn-by-turn directions.


Users of Android 1.6 can download the update from the Android Market to get navigation up and running on your device.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I can’t wait till i can get back to england after being stuck and check this out!!!!

  2. Now lets see when will get it in CANADA!!!!!???????????

  3. oh my god…its here and works on my G1,thank you thank

  4. Just tried this on a friends Vodafone Desire and it worked perfectly. Can’t wait for my Hero to get 2.1 and try it for my self.

  5. “The excellent and free navigation service of Google Maps”

    If you have to pay for the wireless network connection to constantly download maps over the air then it’s not really “Free” is it?

  6. Google’s not charging any money, therefore it’s free. Couldn’t be more simple.

  7. I hope that means we can expect it in germany anytime soon.

  8. Peter, I think most people with smartphones have an unlimited data plan these days…..
    Get with it mate!

  9. Sweet. Hope our English brethren enjoy!

    Hoping for Canadian availability some time in the not-too-distant future?

  10. @ Peter…you really need to cheer up. Of course it’s free…it doesn’t have a price tag does it!

  11. @peter

    By that rational no app on your phone is free. Hmmmmm. How about: grow up.

  12. Thats cool.

    Going to upgrade it now.

  13. This works in Ireland also.

  14. We need Google voice in Europe too.Why has it not come to EUROPE yet?

  15. Next stop, Japan! Will finally make this phone worth it’s purchase if you make it happen Google.

  16. keep in mind, you must have data at your starting point for nav to work. Once nav knows your route it appears to download limited map info based only on the route it gives you. If you leave the route or leave the app or restart the phone and don’t have data you will not be able to bring up that route again until you have data. For instance, gps worked fine for me with no data the whole time till on my way back to Seattle I left the designated route and instead of re routing it just began to search for data. Once I had data again it began to reroute. So yes gps will work with data but to reroute data is needed and you must have data to get the route at your starting location.

  17. I can’t find this anywhere on Market (I’m on T-Mobile G2 Touch (Hero) – running 1.6) and my Google Maps didn’t get ther ‘push’ of the update.

    Any ideas how I can get it? :s

  18. Mmm.. World navigation is USA and England ? What to do other country, Spain, Deutcland, Poland, Finland etc …

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