Vote For Phandroid! [$250 To Charity]

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Wirefly Blog Awards. I’m sure you guys love Phandroid. And I would hope that a lot of you are down for helping a good cause! We were recently nominated for Wirefly’s Best Android Blog award and we want to do something really special with the prize money.


If you guys can help us win the poll, we’ll donate every cent of the winnings to a charity that you guys will help decide. All you have to do is head over to now and submit your vote for Phandroid! Once the polls close on April 30th – and if we’ve been dubbed the winner – we’ll open our own personal poll so you guys can decide which charity the money will go to.

So how about it? Let’s hear it for Phandroid and good causes!

[Wirefly’s Blog Awards]

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  • G1toN1

    done!!! and good luck

  • Alex

    I would like to vote for you, but can you please clean up the phones pages on your website… they are misleading and incorrect.

  • Taha Sheikh

    You guys are winning right now!

  • Mychal

    Voted and are at 35%

  • thom

    hey you’re winning its at 44% now too

  • DgDeBx

    Just voted. Phandroid is leading at 44%!

  • Ray LIU

    Just voted~ Cheer up!!!

  • servo


  • polarbear42

    AndroidCommunity has started the rally, now they are in the lead (46 %) with us being about 200 votes short at second (36 %). So go vote and get your friends to vote then go get your neighbour to vote. Let’s make a change :-)

  • SecretSexyninja


  • Maj

    Voted, good luck guys

  • CyberDroid

    Not that anyone would approve, you can always open an “incognito” window and re-vote if need be!

  • Maj

    that’s cheating and i don’t think that Rob or any of his fellows would want that

  • mike

    Your down by TWO votes.

  • ChazClout

    Done and done. :D

  • G8D

    It’s really close now!
    I voted twice though :3

  • TheGreat1

    Sure is, let’s keep it clean.

  • Ronald

    Its neck and neck!

  • TheGreat1

    You should be banned for even mentioning that. Let’s keep it clean guys.

  • RD Wilk

    done! you’re almost there! good luck!

  • G8D

    5 votes :o

  • john

    voted. Tied for first!

  • dan

    as of april 17 4:58pm 338 votes 8% 1,703 votes 39% 97 votes 2% 116 votes 3% 422 votes 10% 1,747 votes 39%

    4,423 Total Votes

  • Roze

    Just voted. As of Apr 17, 6pm est: Phandroid 40%, AndroidCommunity 38% :D

  • Dr.J.

    Just voted. Looking good for Phandroid

  • Zee

    We are losing again. People VOTE darn it VOTE. Get everyone to vote. Phandroid really deserves to win. VOOOOTTTTEEEEE. Make everyone vote. DO IT!

  • subz

    4/17 11:44pm 7% (365 votes) 39% (2,111 votes) 2% (109 votes) 2% (128 votes) 12% (642 votes) 37% (2,001 votes)
    Total Votes: 5,356


  • subz

    pacific time ^ above, forgot to mention sry :P

  • jkapt

    How do you guys think tat you deserve to be the best blog? You guys haven’t posted anything since Apr 16…pfttt..
    Androidcentral is much better.. they have the latest news.. for e.g. even a video for latest Htc Incredible.. you guys have nothing except a two day old post begging for votes

  • Maurice

    Voted, but it’s close between AndroidCommunity and you guyes, but Phandroid FTW :D

  • Bro.Shang

    done! is the best

  • SoFLO

    Phandroid is back in the lead with a nice surge, 42% vs 37%!

    Android Central may post news faster but the forums here are much better.

  • iddqd

    its 43% phandroid and 40% androidcommunity right now. Pretty tight!

  • The izA

    Voted, Phandroid in the lead @ 42%, A.C./@ 40%

  • nursereese

    GO PHANDROID! w00t!