Phandroid Podcast: Episode 18

podcastlogo3001Surely you’ve been reading all the new articles from Kevin Krause & Quentyn Kennemer. And of course you’ve heard Steve Jobs talking Android Porn and seen all the HTC Incredible leaked documents.

Combine them all and you’ve got Phandroid Podcast Episode 18!

We call this the Kevin and Quentyn show as its the new team members’ first time on the Phancast, but certainly not the last. Unfortunately Dave and Talton, Phandroid/AF admins and Phancast favorites, were unable to join us due to – guess what? – technical difficulties!

They would probably kill me if I didn’t mention the technical difficulties were on my end. But hey – we got a podcast published so enjoy!

As always, we love your comments!

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  • shivers316

    BOOOOOOOOOO!!! Bring back Dave!

  • Dustin B

    I admit I AM TeaTime FanBoy … But Dave and Talton DO seem more comfortbale on a Podcast… Good Podcast though … Can’t wait for the Incredible.

  • John

    I find it ironic I can’t figure out how to listen to this on my Droid (not showing up in Google listen). I’m an android newb; which app should I download?

  • John

    Nevermined figured it out, just added the rss url. :)

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Yea I was telling Rob you guys might not like this. Hopefully I don’t get any more chances to stink up the show.

  • Dogsby

    The keyboard in the Droid sucks. If the dropped the keyboard, I bet it would have been a much greater success. I know a lot of people who are not getting the Droid just because of the keyboard. It makes the phone twice as big and really awkward. I personally HATE hardware keyboards with a passion.

  • Dogsby

    But then again, I don’t know of a single Moto phone I would own. They just can’t seem to get it right, IMO. The Cliq, Devour, Backflip are all horrible mistakes and monstrosities. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  • Lorin

    Please mention how to listen to this on the phone. The rss fees returns an error ehen added. What now?

  • cwrig

    Could hear Rob well; then some guy mumbling in the background; could barely make out what he was saying.

  • Trident

    I use the Droid keyboard…

  • Cintra

    Same comment as cwrig.. only one voice was clear enough to understand :(

  • chris

    I love the droids keyboard. How can I dl the podcast directly to my Droid? I don’t see any links to click.

  • CJ

    your rss feed is jacked up and returning an error. the only way to add this to a feed is using the blog talk feed link. and please oh please normalize the mic inputs so that everyone can be heard!

  • Steve M

    I got used to the droid board quick. I know a lot of people say it sucks but hey.


  • Lorin

    Still havent figured out how to add the feed to google listen. Sad.

  • adamsinger77

    Wish I could get this working with google listen also. And I will only buy phones with a hardware keyboard. I don’t mind the droid keyboard as much as so many people do. It got some getting used to and its not perfect but kills touch screen only keyboards. Also with emulators keyboards rule, especially the moto cliq… yes only thing I use the cliq and the only use for it is playing old nes and snes games. I think we should have more hardware keyboards and all d-pads should be on the left side. But best keyboard ever on any phone is the G1! Now give me the G1 keyboard and a D-pad on the left with a screen as nice as the droid and inards of a nexus and I’m in love and will buy 10!

  • Droid Boy

    Yo ladies, thanks for the show.

    I would have set a ping back, but no choice.
    Instead i link you what i have made for you, enjoy and keep up your good work!

    Droid Boy

  • Bill P.

    FYI to subscribe on your Droid with listen go to the full version of Blogtalkradio ( and click on the RSS icon. You should be prompted to use the browser or Listen to open the link. Pick Listen and you’ll see the RSS link and hit add. Viola! It should be subscribed to in Listen now. Hope that helps.

  • CJ

    I’m really trying my best to enjoy your podcasts but you guys are making it hard. For the love of God, please get your proverbial sh*t together! You are perhaps the most disorganized group of people I’ve ever encountered!