LG LU2300 Details Emerge

Despite LG being aboard the Android bandwagon from Day 1 as members of the OHA, they’re lagging behind competitors like HTC, Motorola, and Samsung in terms of both quality and quantity of Android phone launches. Since last month we’ve been hearing about the LG LU2300 – we heard about an augmented app for the device and got a few renders – but now some more information is dropping.

First and foremost the LG LU2300 is looking pretty delicious with its slideout QWERTY keyboard, circular D-Pad and interesting hardware button setup on the front:



The “special” part of the LG LU2300 is that it isn’t a low powered device as other LG Androids have been: this phone packs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch AMOLED screen, 5MP camera and runs Android 2.1. The “nspecial” part of this news? It’ll probably still only launch in South Korea in its current form.

We’re hoping LG stuffs those innards with North American and European mojo juice but right now, that’s not looking like an imminent possibility.

[Via AndroidFrance (translated)]

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  • noidea

    It looks like an LG’ified Moto Milestone, with their own UI of course.. The keyboard looks superior to the Milestone though.
    Looks like a decent phone.
    Thanks Rob.

  • phoenix

    only 4 rows again?! when will these companies learn…

  • destardi

    me want!

  • Semianonymous

    I’m dying to hear some specs on this gorgeous device.

  • http://www.omgandroid.com OMG Android App Reviews

    Looks good.
    I think LG will start making some good phones.

  • http://www.andrudes.com Todd A

    This is a beautiful device. Get it to America.

  • AGx-07_162

    It looks too much like an Iphone for my taste. I dont like that design and I dont like this.

  • Dogsby

    Will they stop with these nasty hardware keyboards? For the love of GOD. Just give me the iPhone form factor with fast hardware.

  • The Black Guy

    How in sevens hell does this look like an iphone? does everyone but me have those eyes that only see every single android device as an iPhone? I mean really?

  • Me.

    ehh, I have find it difficulty trying to persuade myself to buy ANYTHING LG.
    I still remember the garbage they used to release under the name Goldstar and Lucky Goldstar…………….

    They sure have a great advertising devision working for them to have made so many people forget who they really are.

    LG =/= Life’s Good
    LG = Lucky Goldstar

  • Droidum

    This phone, like all of their other devices, SUCKS A**… You do know what LG stands for don’t you… “LOW GRADE”

  • Dave

    Looks like another copy of the i-phone or Nokia’s N95 they are just all the same these days

  • Ban

    i want to buy a phone. should i wait for this or get a droid\milestone? how bad is the droid’s keyboard. i just want a good slider but there aint much choice.