Motorola Backflips To Germany

backflip-gymBack handspring, back handspring, back handspring, BACKFLIP! Motorola continues its acrobatic Android maneuvers around the globe, now bringing the Motorola Backflip to Germany. Ever since they launched their first Android – the Motorol CLIQ – they’ve been releasing new phones in new places at breakneck speed.

backflipThe Backflip will be available for purchase through Mobilecom in Germany or unlocked at Amazon for €499 (about $672). Motorola issued a full press release for the announcement which you can check out here.

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  • snapdragon

    Pretty expensive fpr a midrange device…

    I’m still going to get the Desire, when it launches here in Germany ;)

  • covert

    WOW that is priceeeey

  • aaron

    price is way to high for what it is. although im only stating the obvious.

  • 2FR35H

    So this one demolished at&t’s bloatware right?

  • kostas

    And now for something completely different….

    499? You have got to be kidding me !The same price as the iphone or the hero/legend or the milestone , this is just ridiculous.At least the LG GW620 (which is just as crappy as this one) is 300.How exactly do they expect this to sell when its priced as a mid range smartphone when its simply not(its low end , for those still wondering).This is in the same range as the tattoo which goes for 250.

    Who buys these phones ? Are we serious ? This has is some ways worse specs than the G1 back in 08 if anyone still remembers…

    PS I dont think the final price will be that high.350 is the maximum price for this and i d buy it for anything under 250.

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    Thats a high price for such a low powered device.

  • Tyler

    We’re all missing the point: morons will still buy this.

  • gad

    The Desire for me any day

  • not worth it

    not wroth the money. Wait for better “open Android” phone. Check out Sprint’s HTC 4G coming out some time in June.

  • The price of greatness…

    I’m not sure where the people that are commenting are from, but the manufacturers price for the phone has always been high. Here in China, you can get the backflip for around $440 USD. It’s when you buy into a phone plan / subscription that your price of the phone goes down, but your cellular fees are much more expensive…

  • Darkseider

    Here’s hoping that this thing gets out to more people and gets rooted. Got on for my wife because she said my Droid was ugly. Anyway she likes the phone but I think she would like it much better with 2.1, full market and all that AT&T bloatware ripped off of it.