Firefox For Android Compiled, Demoed On Milestone – You Can Too!

AndroidForums member MartinSchirr has compiled the highly sought after “Firefox for Android” (AKA Fennec) for Android and got it up and running on his Motorola Milestone. He didn’t just accomplish the feat and brag – he gave it two video demoes (one featuring Phandroid) and put together a website on how you can accomplish the same thing yourself! It’s in German, so get that Google Translate button ready and try your best to interpret! What a guy.

If you give this a try, be sure it jump in on the Android Forums discussion to share your experience!


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  • covert

    damn that’s slow but impresive GJ

  • Minja

    I want to try. I am using Dolphin because it reminds me of Firefox so this should only be better.

  • G1toN1

    this browser looks clean def goign to try it

  • Eddie Android

    I doubt its gonna be good on Android, its sucked on my N900 and its gonna suck on my N1

  • Doug

    That’s the spirit Eddie!

  • Aux

    They are trying to create mobile browser since before Christ. And all their efforts are slow and unusable in everyday life. I don’t believe in success, sorry…

  • Mike Leonard

    for everyday quick browsing im loving the mew Opera mini 5 Beta. Is just so fast, yeah, it gets a few things wrong and doesnt do javascript properly, but if i just wanna check out a few things its the fastest way.

  • Chris

    I *was* excited about Fennec but it’s taking forever and I’m really starting to like Opera Mini 5 since it’s so fast! :)

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    Opera Mini 5 is awesome :D