Dell Streak (Mini 5) Gets Hands On Video From CTIA

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Dell Streak/Mini 5! Nevermind – they prefer to call it “The Dell 5 Inch Capacitive Uh Screen Device”. But whatever you want to call it should have no bearing on this: a demo of the Dell Android straight from CTIA courtesy of TheStreet.

They stick the Dell device next to an iPhone and let me tell you- it looks NICE in comparison. They show some video running on it, namely a movie trailer the speaker prayed wouldn’t cause the MPAA to come after him, but its a promotional video anyways and how can you get upset after watching the previews to “UP”?


With a 5-inch screen, 5MP camera, beautiful 800×480 resolution touchscreen and video out support, the Streak/Mini5/”Dell-5-Inch-Capacitive-Uh-Screen-Device” is looking mighty scrumptious.

[Thanks James/NorCal!]

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  • Hunter Pritchett

    Dear god why don’t they release it already.
    For all the info we know about this device go here:

  • NorCal

    My trusty ATT Tilt is on it’s last leg. This is going to be my replacement phone… just release it already!

    Hoping they finally announce all the details at CTIA.

  • M

    Add me to that request.. please release this thing ASAP!

  • gwlaw99

    The problem with thsi form factor is that it is not pocketable. It is a phone so Dell should expect people to take it everywhere. I think the HD2/EVO 4.3 inch screen is really the max size you should have for a phone and still fit it in a pocket.

  • Covert

    evo kicks ass

  • ron

    is it also a phone ?

  • Shane

    Pocketable? We fashion illiterates have messenger bags and cargo pants to solve that problem. ;)

    Come on dell. Keep it under $500, please. $400 would be better. ;)

  • DubbSr

    I’m pretty impressed how the mobile industry is starting to make front facing cams the next standard. Hopefully Sprint can get some Skype action too.

  • M

    to me it is pocketable.. and the evo is to small.. so release it release it!!

  • dannydarko

    first off it will be subsidized so it will be under 500 @Shane.Next this is a beast all in one.I am looking forward to this device more than any other to come this year “The Year Of The Droid!”It is truly an all-in-one device crisp,snappy,and hella sexy. But,subsidized or not I am getting this on whatever carrier claims it or unlocked would be the best.

  • Phone Freak

    I love how sites keep rehashing old news. Heres an idea. Ask them when it will launch and to whom?

  • barry99705


    It will fit just fine in my pockets. Unlike most people I know there’s not a shortage of material and don’t wear skin tight pants that barely fit a quarter in the pockets.

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    It looks good and I love the menu and widgets.
    But its pretty much a big phone?

  • jo

    wow, it looks like my cock. big, black, and infected with AIDS… minus that last part.

  • The Black Guy

    Absolutely beautiful I might just get it plzz go to T-Mobile

  • Bobbin

    Looks really nice,

    Why are two ppl holding the device at all times?

  • Mei

    Hey Jo since when is 5 inches considered big??

  • jay


  • MensahWatts

    sheesh someone just had to add a cock joke…as if the whole world needs to know about jos little cock there…anyhey this thing does look….dandy

  • bblackmoor

    Please, please, please let this work with T-Mobile’s 3G network. T-Mobile has THE best customer service and data plans of any cell provider.

  • pdiddles

    The last rumor I heard was the Mini 5 is going to t-mobile and the mini 3 is going to ATT but I can’t seem to find any confirmation on this in any news since January so I can’t say this is official, written in stone, fact but I have my fingers crossed and my breath held. there is also a chance it’s going to be available for both providers.

  • Rob

    In the beginning of February there were several articles saying that this phone was cleared through the FCC for AT&T’s network. As far as transfer rates go, I would prefer this on AT&T, seeing as this most likely will not have 4g. I wonder when it will be released though. It seems as if time is running out to get a 3g device out considering that 4g is fast approaching. Seeing that there will almost definitely be a new iphone this summer, Dell better get this out soon or suffer like Palm did when they released the Pre about 2 weeks before (or was it after) the iphone 3g was announced. By releasing it on AT&T though, they may be willing to directly take on the newer iphone. Probably not a smart move, but it could pay off (maybe, big maybe actually). My prediction is an early May to mid-June release date, if and only if Dell is smart enough to release before the next iphone takes all the wind from this device’s already small sails.

  • ravish

    its beating apple. a nice phone