Samsung Behold 2 Man Adventures [VIDEO/HUMOR]

Right now most people only have their minds on one Samsung Android Phone… the just announced Galaxy S. But don’t forget Sammy has some other hot devices out there and just a few days ago they whipped up some uber corniness with “Adventures of Behold 2 Man” to promoteĀ  [wait for it] the Samsung Behold 2.

It starts off ridiculously (and purposefully) corny and seems like an epic fail that I almost turned off, but it actually gets funnier, so watch the whole thing. Call me a nerd but I’m kind of eager to see Part 2 now…

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  • phoenix

    huge 3.2 inch screen? hardly.

  • john


  • Gunner

    You nerd, Rob. ;)

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    3.2 inch isn’t that big but this is quite funny :D

  • Tamahome Jenkins

    I’m glad they waited 6 months to start promoting this piece of garbage (and I say this from experience).