Kyocera Zio: Big Screen, Low Specs, No Price, Will Buy


zioKyocera is taking an interesting approach to their first Android Phone and I think it’s one that will pay off. They’ve given their Kyocera Zio a high quality 3.5-inch, 800×480 pixel screen and left the remainder of the phone’s specs in the “average” category. But at only $169 to $216 unsubsidized, the company might have an amazing product proposition.

What if you want a big, beautiful screen but don’t need all the extra power, bells and whistles of an expensive top-of-line handset? Kyocera wants the Zio to cover you. At only $200 bucks or so UNSUBSIDIZED, one would assume the phone will be offered for free upon launch when it comes to the United States in the next few months. No Android Phone to date has launched in America for free, so this could be a first. Not to mention a first that I think will pay off.

As PCMag points out the Zio is a CDMA phone with an AWS frequency option, making it compatible with Cricket and MetroPCS. But if Verizon or Sprint pick up the Zio it could be a nice showing for Kyocera, smartphone veterans who have fallen off the map.

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  1. if you put this on a metropcs plan (CHEAP) I’d get it for my moms and pops.

  2. The CDMA version is Compatible with Virgin Mobile too.

  3. A phone that cheap, unsubsidized, would be a winner on Walmart’s Straight Talk plan.

  4. Its a good cheap phone :D

  5. Whats the specs? If the thing would just run Android smoothly I’d buy it. And for it to be smooth all it really appears to need is sufficient memory. I can probably do without the latest and fastest processor. Hopefully this could be the start of a nice low end market.

  6. I thought MetroPCS was GSM.

  7. MetroPCS is CDMA like Sprint and Verizon.

  8. can you watch youtubevideos on this cellphone

  9. wait, can we use this phone for metro pcs?
    i watched a video on youtube and it said we can by this summer.
    i really want this.

  10. yep it views youtube. It seems like a very good starter android phone for someone who has never had one.

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