Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment Getting 2.1 In April?

While Verizon Wireless Droid owners still dream of the 2.1 they were promised, Sprint customers are getting a promise of their own – “coming weeks” and “April” are some of the open-ended frames used. This is in regards to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment and the information was leaked in an internal document discussing the Nexus One arrival for Sprint:


Impossible to read, we know, lucky for you we snipped out the important tidbits:

we are actively working on having the Android 2.1 platform available to our Hero and Moment customers over the coming weeks. Look for more information coming in April about Android 2.1 platform for Hero and Moment.

Pencil it in – keyword pencil. Us VZW-Droid folk know all too well that OTA updates are never written in stone.

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  • Jordan

    I’m still betting on OTA 2.1 coinciding with or coming shortly after VZW releases the Incredible. No point in giving customers to choose a cheaper, less powerful HTC handset with the same OS. Then again, I could be incredibly wrong. See what I did there ;)

  • Travis

    First it was March 26th, then 29th, now April 1st….ugh!!!!!

  • Curtis

    April?! Booo, lol. I was looking forward to that supposed March 26th release date for 2.1.

  • Bavarian Cave Monkey

    Yay! Damn updates! Never really know if they exist!

  • Covert

    travis i dont see april first anywhere, and it was NEVER official from sprint, so this is good news, fist 1.5 OS to hear ANTHING officialy close to getting 2.1 so be happy

  • PMoreau

    I’m waiting for the official 2.1 release rather than rooting my phone. One concern I have is will the Android Market place still know which Apps I have on my phone for reloading?

  • Eric

    Sorry if this has been asked before? Is the 2.1 update will require to reset the phone back to stock where we would have to back up our files? I assume as is a pretty big jump I’m curious? Would someone know this for sure? Thanks!

  • Travis


  • http://randomtechinfo.com linckraker

    i think they said we’d get more INFO in april. INFO being the key word. NOTHING about releasing in april…..

  • Ian Jones

    My theory is it ain’t ready till its ready speculation ain’t gona cook it no faster

  • lol


  • Ario

    This is probably an early April Fools trick by Sprint

  • Simon Belmont

    Come on, Sprint! I’ve been pretty patient and even in your corner about it taking longer to integrate the new Sense UI into Android 2.1, but I was really hoping the end of March rollout date was true.

    I really hope that if we’re getting “info” in April, that the “info” will be a release date in early April for the 2.1 update. Please, no one is making apps for anything less than Android 1.6 anymore.

  • (-)3r0

    Hopefully this will be the same update for the cellular south hero to

  • Joe

    The 2.1 update is definitely coming soon; possibly Cellular South first. There has been a leaked 2.1 ROM for the Cell South HTC Hero, including an engineering SPL, which turns off security and enables fastboot. And that entire leak worked with no problems on the Sprint Hero — although it does require a goldcard since the CID doesn’t match. Tells us the Sprint and CS Heros are the same models, and that the CS Hero’s update is already complete and has been in testing. One can only assume that the Sprint Hero didn’t require anything too drastically different, and the Sprint update should be done already, and going through testing as well.

  • Hitman

    For all of you whining about the update to 2.1.. zip it, we weren’t promised anything so you bought your phone fully knowing that you weren’t.

  • f u hitman

    Fuck off hitman. I WAS promised. U weren’t there, dumb b.

  • Mark

    Look Guys it all kind of makes sense “no pun intended”. Now that they are releasing the HTC Supersonic that has Sense UI on it they would be releasing the 2.1 update that this phone will come stock with. The whole premise is that the Hero came with Sense UI and that they had to make sure that the UI would not be all buggy with the 2.1 update and thus the long delay. I think we shall see this update very soon.

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  • Dan

    yeah i have heard all those dates too. MOTOROLA AND VERIZON just need to stop making promises they cant even keep. I have a droid and i will wait patiently. Im pretty sure there isnt really a 2.1 release

  • Steve

    I have a HTC Droid Eris from Verizon and I plan to put on the 2.1 update hack this weekend. Verizon is really bad on giving updates especally if they could take money away from them.

    This is why they are not updating soon

    At the store, Roark had never been told that his HTC Eris has Android 1.5, nicknamed “Cupcake.” Until told by a reporter, he had no idea what features he’s missing as a result. For instance, free turn-by-turn navigation is available in the latest version, Android 2.1 (”Eclair”), but is only available to Cupcake users for $10 a month from Verizon.

  • john

    2.1 is flan
    2.0 is eclair

  • Carl

    I don’t know why anyone believed the March 26 rumor. Sprint’s previously announced first half of 2010 (i.e. Jan 1 – June 30), which pretty much nixed it being in the first quarter. Since then they’ve said early second quarter, which could technically be any time between April 1 & May 15.

  • john

    i talked to a sprint rep and they said late april.idk we’ll see i guess :-)

  • andremr

    ok… im tired of getting the “oh next month, next month comming” suituation… man… i hear its awesome 2.1! i want it!!!!

    samsung Moment

  • Michael

    There are released rom dumps of samsung moment with 2.1 available….
    there are beta testers…..
    supposedly some of the fan sites say 4 days until a release.

  • Provo

    I have loaded the latest release of 2.1 and it has solved my bigest problem. But they seam to have left some things out. Namely the muliple home screen function and the Live Desktop function. Do ypu know why they didn’t onclude these functions.