Orkut Lands On Android

vidyaA lot of people don’t even know that Google has their own social networking site called Orkut. The dominance of Facebook and Twitter overshadow almost everything else. But there ARE regions where Orkut is the market leader and folks in those places will be happy to know the Orkut Android Application is now available in Android Market.

It has all the features you would expect from a mobile social networking app, but as I’m not personally too familiar with Orkut I can’t comment on how good or bad the app actually is. Check out the Google Mobile Blog for details.

Want to download it and give it a whirl? Be our guest:


Google has been busy updating their apps – just yesterday not only did they add Orkut but also launched a Google Buzz widget and updated Google SkyMap.

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  • http://www.omgandroid.com OMG Android App Reviews

    Looks good but I don’t really use that site.

  • dan

    Facebook to the us is like orkut in brazil, this will b huge there!

  • Neemo

    Funny name for a social network. Means ‘orgasms’ in Finnish slang :P

  • andrew

    haha i just orkut on my droid, now i have to replace it

  • timmyjoe42

    I thought Buzz was their attempt at networking.

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  • Will

    Timmy, Buzz and Orkut are completely different.
    Also Orkut has been out for years before Buzz.

    I can’t find it on the market… G1, 1.6, UK
    I get irritated when they just don’t appear, I would like a message saying why.

  • Marcio

    Here in Brazil almost everybody have an Orkut account. Facebook is just starting to be known.

  • http://chl-tx.com/instructorsview TXCHLInstructor

    I tried Orkut back when it first came out. Not only did it have severe security problems (it leaked your gmail password), but it was completely overrun by Brazilian porn purveyors. Never did check back to see if they solved either problem, but I supposed I could have a look.

  • http://chl-tx.com/instructorsview TXCHLInstructor

    A little more explanation on the Brazilian porn problem of Orkut. When I was on Orkut, I couldn’t help noticing that the number of Orkut accounts from Brazil exceeded the population of Brazil, and the TOS of Orkut did not allow having more than one account.

  • http://www.telbyte.com telbyte

    yes orkut is mostly used in India and brazil. orkut on adnroid would be wounderfull add on when android phone will be launched in india.

  • Wallace

    Need Orkut ap for 1.5 android firmware.