March Madness On The Nexus One With Flash 10.1

It will probably be a couple months before your favorite Android 2.x device gets Adobe’s Flash 10.1 update, but they continue to convince us that we should want it now. Check out this video of the Nexus One with Flash 10.1 tuning into the CBS Sports website where you can watch all the games.

Live. Streaming. Flash. Awesome. Like we needed any more convincing, right?

[Via NewTeeVee]

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  • PaulMcCartney


  • Phil

    I’d prefer HTMML 5 video still. And now with Microsoft touting support for it in IE(for whatever thats worth) it looks like everyone is in on supporting HTML 5.

  • James

    @Phil… why not both.

  • Covert

    agreed, until hulu and ch131 and ALL my otherflash sites move to html 5, i NEED flash, i totaly realize html 5 is king but since flash is still used, i neeeeeed it

  • tomeaine

    very nice
    But UTEP screwed my bracket

  • Akili

    Let me sum this up with one word……..WANT!

  • Bill D Williams

    Adobe, you disappointment me. We keep hearing for how long about 10.1 flash? Shut-up or put out- I’m just so sick of it! Love, Steve Jobs

  • Beanz0nToast

    Will somebody please leak this port…PLEASE!

  • swazedahustla

    Whats the big deal, im running flash 10.0 on my htc hero and watching the same thing.

  • Brandon

    is it just me, but shouldn’t the games be at the same point or close to it on the computer and the phone?? It is a live stream(supposedly).

  • tomeaine

    @Brandon, lag time on the n1 with 3g?
    Or his lappy is running windows 7 and is able to stream into the future before real time…

  • Randel77

    Yeah what is the deal?? why can’t we get a beta of this already?? The Desire RC rom is already on xda and it’s not even out yet. We need a leak.

  • gwlaw99

    We can’t take the March Madness with us if Adobe doesn’t release the damn thing.

  • OMG Android App Reviews

    This is good.
    Means we will be able to use flash… I hope it doesn’t slow down the handset.

  • Phil

    @ those questioning my post I’m just not a fan of a particular proprietary technology cornering a market like this. Look at us. We all have to wait for Adobe to get in gear so that we can enjoy video from the web. If this were something open we would not be waiting. I’m not saying everything has to be open like a fanboy. I’m just saying that when one company corners a market like this the consumer ends up with the short end of the stick. I’d rather see Hulu and the rest start moving to something that more companies and individuals can implement so we don’t end up in these types of situations.

    I also don’t care for the quality I’m seeing out of Flash on non Windows platforms. I believe some may complain about performance on Windows as well.

  • redandblack1287

    Please explain/link o.o

  • gad

    Adobe keeps showing us videos of flash…when will we see the real thing.Am bored to death with this.its getting boring now.

  • cass

    I guess the coming excuse they have for it not coming out is all hardware must be 4G compatible.

  • funkyboss


    While I agree that HTML5 is the better option, the fact that Safari and Internet Explorer are supporting H.264 means we are just moving from a proprietary mess to a patent-encumbered mess.

  • swazedahustla


    My hero is rooted running a fully funtional 2.1 Legend ROM that has flash 10 running on it. If you have a hero and are rooted, over at xda, you can get it too. Its called DarchLegend v4.

  • Matt

    Yes I want this!! I need to be able to play my FB games while I am at work!! haha