HTC Droid Eris Rooted, 2.1 ROM Enjoyed

My roomate just caved in and bought the HTC Droid Eris (you made it on Phandroid, Phil). He desperately needed a new phone, the Motorola Droid was a bit big for his tastes, and he couldn’t wait for the Nexus, Incredible or other latest/greatest device to finally reach Verizon Wireless. As we know, the time frame from rumor to fruition is ever-changing and often fleeting.

Although “rooting” is geared towards the more brave mobile enthusiast who might even have a backup handset in case something goes wrong – if you want 2.1 on your Eris that badly there is now an option.

droid-eris-rootThere are step by step directions from the always-modding mayhem makers at XDA Devs so head over there for details. A quick note – you can ONLY go from the base Android 1.5 prepackaged with the phone and can’t skip from one leaked build to this so be warned… again.

While the “wait” for either an official Eris OTA udpate continues, Phil’s saving grace is the 30-day policy that will allow him to return his phone within that window. I’m sure many of you have the same fate. And of the Verizon Androids we’re expecting, most people are thinking something SHOULD come by mid-April – within that 1-month time period if you purchased today. But an OTA to 2.1 wouldn’t hurt either. We’re waiting.

Fingers crossed.

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  • james

    I thought every state except California had a 14 day return policy?? Anyway, please don’t encourage people to abuse the return systems for something like rooting a phone. If you’re going to root your phone you know you are taking a chance of bricking it.

  • Covert

    30 days everywhere i know of… and i think he is suggesting they get a feel a for the phone to see if they like it within their 30 days, and to see how 2.1 feels, if they don’t like it return it, that is what the 30 days return is for.

  • james

    You’re right, it’s thirty days. Was thinking of Tmobile, and even they’ve upped thiers to 20 days(30 in CA).

  • TIM

    Sold my eris with 2.1 for $300 in philly. Just bought the Droid an hour ago w/o contract. Hoping the rumors are true. I plan to return it within the 30 days and purchase the Nexus from Google. Oh by the way the VZW rep had nothing but disgust on his face when I told him my plan.

  • DonnyIrish

    I ran the XDA hack last week, 2.1 has been working great on my Eris, as well as my friends. Google force closes, but so far that has been the only app to not run. Voice navigation, pinch/zoom to see all 7 screens, etc. all work great.

  • DonnyIrish

    Google Earth* force closes.

  • Gert.B.Frobe

    And here I thought that the true root just came out this past weekend. Donny, you sure that you did not load the leaked 2.1??? Oh well.

  • Pieter

    although i see where you are coming from, i say fuck the system. im actually fairly conservatives when it comes to most things, but when it comes to big corporations i say milk every penny you can out of them (you still wont make any noticeable dent in their wallets)

  • Rodrigo

    Does the pda net app work on this leaked 2.1 version?

  • glen

    I use PDANet on a eris 2.1 with both Mac and windows with no problem

  • Beltway

    Xda has found a root solution for the Eris to go from 1.5 to 2.1, but so far the ROMs are as buggy or more so than the leaked ROM 2.1.

  • Billy

    I love my Eris and i cant wait for the upgrade 2.1 to arrive.

  • DonnyIrish

    It was leaked on XDA about ten days ago, and seems solid. The battery life is about half what it used to be, but that may be contributed to the lower-end hardware running the ROM. It has been great for everything else. Voice nav works great, I’m not impressed with Google Googles (it doesn’t work as good as some of the barscanners out there) but the market looks a ton better with app pics (not all apps have pics).

  • DonnyIrish

    I do miss the Flash Lite that was on 1.5, Hopefully there will either be an official flash release or a ROM version of 2.1 with Flash Lite released soon.

  • emaninthenation

    I currently have the linked version and hopefully we can upgrade to official version and i tried to downgrade it myself by restoring it to its factory settings and it DEACTIVATED IT so yeah ill try to reactivate it friday but hopefully the representative will understand.
    P.S. The update VOIDS the CONTRACT.

  • emaninthenation

  • Hating on TIM

    TIM… phuck you. the bottomline is that Sales Rep take a percentage loss in their pay whenever phones get returned or cancelled, you messing with someones lively hood when u play those selfish games. returned phones can cost the rep 10% or more of thier commision checks.

  • I hate customers like you.

    I am with Hating on Tim………I am a sales rep and when losers buy phones and return them it takes money out of my pocket and food off my kids plates. But thats why they imposed the 35$ restock fees because of people like you. Its not a rental program, but self-centered people dont care about who else they are affecting, making costs go up for everyone else. Thats why he had that look, not only did you take money out of his pocket but all of the crap he is going to have to go thru about why the unit he sold was returned, why he didnt qualify the customer to the right device, his return rate will go up, commission will go down, he will be hit with a return rate multiplier which will also affect his overall pay as decelerator. But you dont care or understand, because you are looking at as a CORPORATION you are screwing, but its a working class person like you that makes a paycheck to live. Maybe you will think of that next time you act like a douche.

  • David

    Does anyone know when they’re going to release the official update to 2.1 for the Eris? Debating the hack vs waiting it out.

  • silver

    No OTA update for me yet but it’s okay. I’ve actually gotten very well acquainted with my Eris and I’ve found it to be a very good phone so far even at 1.5, the build quality is good and rugged and I’m happy that I didn’t let specs sway my decision toward the badboy-looking Moto Droid.

    I hope they get to it soon though :-P

  • eMaNinthationation

    Hey me again. Hopefully the official update is soon and it must be bc the droid got theirs already so really might as well call the droid eris the The Eris Hero. Idk if i have the leaked or rooted version of 2.1 but it kicks butt. They should make a sense ui with live wallpapers. Hopefully we can still get official update after leak or rooted

  • robert parks

    Just to let all you eris users near Pa. I called Verizon yesterday they three way called HTC. The HTC rep said the update should be out at the end of may but she couldn’t confirm an exact date. It is such a disappointment since the better half has moto droid and is running 2.1. I am anxiously waiting for the update.

  • mike k

    Ill be happy to tKe food off ur kids plates for reps like u lying about upgrades. So ill return my eris and lower ur com for being a horrible. verizon rep.

  • Brian

    You Verizon reps need to get a real job like a m.d. or lawyer. Keep whining you losers. Some of us have job security that don’t have to worry about return policies. Get a real job losers.

  • Coz

    And what do you do Brian? I’m just curious. You’re phrasing doesn’t scream doctor or lawyer. I’m hoping that you can expand on this non-loser job list of yours.


  • Craig L

    Brian and Mike, I strongly suspect you are high school drop outs and, at the age of 17, have reached the pinnacle of your earning potential. Good luck at your great job with “job security” (Jiffy Lube??) btw, I have never been a phone rep and I pity them for having to serve losers such as you.

    I quote “Ill be happy to tKe food off ur kids plates for reps like u lying about upgrades”

    You are right Einstein, providing for a family is certainly not as important as you receiving your phone operating system upgrade faster. ………Pathetic

  • your mom

    You guys are idiots Verizon reps work hard and make a great living. The retard returning the phone will pay 35.00 restock fee and if he took barcode off for the rebate he will pay a 100.00 restock. I would know I work there.

  • Steve M

    The beginning of February I walked into a VZW store and asked when the Eris would get the update. The Rep. looked me directly in the eyes and said it will have the GPS navigation system, OS & apps by February 26. If a rep that plain out lies to me for a sale isn’t really doing his job, so me taking his money by returning the phone regardless of the re-stocking fee is not my problem… He is the one who took money out of mine. So if the reps kids starve its not my problem. If there are reps out there losing money because they are liars just hit me up ill give you a number to a food bank. HA HA!!

  • joel

    noob question. If updated ROM to 2.1 on eris, when new ota comes out will it affect install?? or will i have to reinstall new rom?

  • VZW Sucks

    You sales reps should step up to the pathetic people running VZW like that old fart Lowell Mc Adams it his retirement your paying for and he does not give a crap about you or your returns. Your company is so cocky thinking they can sell anything because they have best coverage.. Get over it!! If you feel butt hurt about your refund de-motivator step up and say something, oh wait if you do they will put you on the chopping block.. Ha you suck!

  • Verizon Employee

    First off…Brian…YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! I work at and it’s ignorant people like you, Mike, Tim, & Steve that make our jobs hell. I know and agree that there are a lot of unethical reps, managers, and upper management (including HR) within but that does not make EVERYONE in the company bad or “losers”! I will be completely honest and say I am looking for other opportunities because I feel that the company treats their employees poorly and partakes in unethical business practices. The only reason I am writing on this blog is because I will not let some moron like you sit here and bash me and other hard working, good people I work with. It is not the employees fault that implements unfair & unethical business practices in regards to returns. Unlike you Brian, I treat customers and people in general with RESPECT regardless of what kind of job they may have. I’ve been with the company over 3 years and I average over $55,000 being a sales rep at in a small city and I know reps that make over $80,000. There are many six figured managers within and district managers make well over six figures. The benefits are great at (best part of the job), 3 weeks vacation/2 weeks personal/ 5 sick days, multiple paid holidays, short/long term incentives, dollar for dollar 401k match up to 6%, 8,000/year tuition assistance, and a great medical/dental coverage!! So Brian, how is this not a real job?? Please tell me??? Regardless of how much we make or the benefits, that doesn’t matter…what matters is idiots like you and the others that have no respect for the well being of others. I have a Bachelor’s in Science Brian, so maybe next time you talk to some “loser“ in a retail role…they may be more qualified than you and CHOOSE not to look for other opportunities. Let me ask you…What constitutes a real job? Let me bet…whatever job you have is a real job, right?? I won’t sit here and speculate what kind of job you have because I don’t care and it won’t change whom you appear to be, which is an insecure & ignorant dummy. Let me bet…you always have problems with your phone bills, cable bills, or utility bills??? I bet you get frustrated when you have to wait in line at the store…right?? I bet you’re not married or even possibly divorced?? You see my point Brian?? Before you call people you don’t know losers, here’s an idea for you: First, you will have to find a bathroom…Ok, now grab a bottle of mouth wash and start by cleaning all the crap out of your mouth. Next, jump in the shower and try to clean some of the stupidity off yourself. Finally, dry yourself off and take a long look at yourself in the mirror…and realize the real loser is YOU!!!

  • WOW

    I stumbled here on accident but I got a kick out of your little discussion….First and foremost, everyone here is a retard! You guys might as well pull out your dicks to see whose is bigger. Only faggots and retards argue on message boards, I just wanted to point that out to you guys.

  • Sjflowerhorn

    Write I’m definitely missing out over at xda, here you got losers, idiots, flamers, nay sayers, big red reps, and trolls gotta love phandroid.

  • the big R

    I love my Droid and Verizon and the update is great. I wish It could run Google earth :(