Below $100: HiVision SpeedPad Android Tablet

One of Android’s initial goals was to lower the cost of manufacturing “smart” devices, a savings that could/would be passed onto consumers. The cheap labor in China certainly doesn’t hurt and HiVision showed off a 7-inch Android tablet at CeBIT 2010 that will cost only about $100. Check out the video snagged by JKKMobile:

The company claimed “under $100″ but an exact price, date and location remain to be seen. Fortunately the company DID include specs displayed front and center:


No need to squint – I got them right here:

  • Processor: Samsung 6410, 800 MHz with DSP (Arm 11)
  • Storage drive type: 2G
  • System RAM: 256 DDRII
  • Operating System: Andriod (they made the type, I’m only the messenger)
  • Wireless connection: 802.11b/g/Wireless
  • Support external: 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, USB Dongle
  • Software: Web Browser, E-Mail, Google, Map, Clock, Camera, Camcorder, Messaging, Weather
  • Battery: 4200mAh
  • Working time: 6 hours

Technology capabilities up. Price down. I like.

[Liliputing via CrunchGear]

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  • covert

    that is all the RAM it has?!?! phones are coming out with more than that, i mean DDR2 is nice in a tablet but still needs to be more, maybe they use laptops ram sticks and i can pop in a 2 gig lmao

  • Lukehluke

    Needs more RAM but apart from that it looks good :D

    Love the price and will be good to get new users into tablets and android :)

  • brie987

    Yes more RAM. I wish they would make little devices like this more upgradable. If we feel we need more of a certain part, internal mem, RAM etc., we can do it ourselves.

  • James

    Is there really any reason not put wireless N in these devices nowadays? b/g just does not cut it anymore. What about internal storage? It says 2g, is that 2 gigabytes? Also, what version is it running? It looks like 1.5 with the original google search bar and not the quicksearch one. I’m at work and can’t view the video, so if it says it in the video can someone comment it back.

    @brie987, covert
    Smartphones and MIDs internals are System on Chip. The ram and internal memory are built into the SOC setup, so unless you know how to solder very very well, you’ll not be upgrading the ram in these type of devices. It’s a cost we take for the portability of them.

  • Ken

    I’m sure they could beef it up a bit, but could they still do it for under $100? If not, and the price were to go to $200 or more, would it still be newsworthy?

  • talonz

    i think even tho the lacking of ram i think this tablet is gonna be great for the price i know ill be getting one to play around with when it comes out :D

  • Sy

    Amazing price for the functionality thats included…I want one now please.

  • Erik

    Why do you guys need RAM? Does it take more than 256 MB to load a pdf for reading? Or a music song? Or a website?

  • Troy

    Yeah I don’t get why people are complaing about the RAM. Most devices at this price only have 128. Even the iPad has 256.

    Would anyone know if the True GPS? Wikipedia reports it as having GPS modules. Which I assume means it has both … True and Assisted.

  • Troy

    James … the video says android 1.6

    I think it doesn’t look too bad for under $100. It seemed to operate pretty smoothly in the video. I wonder if since it has 3G, if that means the android marketplace would be available. Finding one to buy is the hard part.