HTC Incredible On Video!

The folks at AndroidForums are at it again, this time doing a little detective work to connect a Flickr account to a twitter account to a YouTube account that revealed the following a video which forum members are speculating is the HTC Incredible:

What do you think? Head on over to AndroidForums and join in on the HTC Incredible discussion!

[Thanks OneNiner, woodraskam!]

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  • WhyKillRobots

    That’s a lame video… LOL, Maybe a better one will show up soon!

  • woodraskam

    You should add OneNiner to your thanks, He’s the one who found the video, I just passed the info along.

    • Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

      @woodraskam, thanks – done

  • CJ

    Very lame. A video of someone looking through the camera. Wow!

  • clb

    It’s most likely a test video from a HTC tester, it is not meant to be interesting

  • need convincing?

    If you need convincing (you most likely do, like I did) then do what the man says and head over to the forums with that link provided. There’s about 2 pages of very intelligent and nit-picky discussion over there. The arguing is based around the video either being the Incredible, Supersonic or Desire. I think you’ll end up agreeing that the evidence and logic used really ends up pointing to the Incredible.

    Go take a look for yourself.

  • aleis

    nothing :(

  • woodraskam

    I would point out that the Official HTC Incredible thread has also found evidence to suggest that the Incredible will have a camera with resolution > 5MP.

  • Swamp Fox

    It is either an Incredible or a SuperSonic depending on how accurate the leaked renderings are of the SuperSonic. The Screen definitely looks like a 4.3 which points more towards the SuperSonic. The Incredible and Legend were both shown at the mobile world congress, so this is not a big deal anyways unless it is the SuperSonic.

  • woodraskam

    @Swamp Fox

    When was the Incredible shown at MWC? I only learned of the Desire.

  • John

    he thinks that the Incredible = Desire. Phandroid said that you could infer that from the leaked roadmap from HTC.

  • Covert

    SuperSonic has the same face all the SS photos have shown for a while now

  • woodraskam


    1. Pause the video at 5 seconds to see the optical trackpad glimmer a little big. The supersonic pictures so far don’t have an optical trackpad.

    2. Notice the space between the top of the screen and the top of the device and the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the device. The supersonic has less of a gap between the edge of the screen and the edge of the device.

  • dhill

    Of course there is no confirmation the supersonic is 4.3″ either. The rumor was verizon was getting a 4.3″ phone and then they weren’t, so who knows.

  • G8D

    There is a better video than this floating about..

  • G8D

    Video in question:

  • Mike Jones


  • need convincing?

    Ok, since some folks don’t like to pay attention the caps are coming out.


    AKA Stop posting comments here that already exist in the forum – you don’t even need to be a member to read them!

  • Steve

    The Incredible is NOT the Desire. The Desire has physical buttons, and the leaked video of the Incredible has capacitive buttons. Totally different. The Incredible is NOT the Desire, so everyone needs to quit perpetuating that myth.

  • mi_canuck

    quite a useless video…

    show us the UI, some specs, the back of the phone… etc… not some douche taking a vid of a table and chairs…

  • HTC fan

    Here is another, better video:

  • Steve

    You know what, that looks like it may have a chin. Maybe this is the 3rd generation Legend!! Oh boy… let’s start another rumor!!!!

  • HTC fan

    It looks like that’s SuperSonic, would be just great!

  • Cybersedan

    @Mike Jones

    Once you use “swype” you realize real keyboards are overrated. Time and time again I tested myself now after 3 weeks of using swype, I tried on a BB-8900 and G1, and I cannot type as fast on a physical keyboard as I can using swype. Other than for emulators real keyboards are pretty much useless to me.

  • chris

    I believe that this phone is the HTC Supersonic for Sprint. I already know what the HTC Incredible looks like. My money is on this phone being the Supersonic.

  • darn it!

    @ G8D and HTC fan, why did you have to ruin my day?! I was hoping for a 4.3 inch screen!!!!

  • 3 Phones Jugglin

    Yea..umm..Supersonic is for SPRINT. This isnt even worth watching. GIVE ME 4.3 WITH A QWERTY KEYBOARD! Is that too much to ask for? I guess they forgot about that after they made the TP2. People said “wow, 3.6 and a big ass keyboard? Gotta have”

  • Phydeaux

    This video has been removed by the user.

  • mikey

    yes. it was too gay.

  • mikey

    yes. it was too ghey.

  • anticip8

    what happened to the video? “removed by user”

  • I Boned Your Daughter

    This video has been removed by the user.
    Is it just me or is phandroid getting really gay? After all… it’s just s phucking telephone.

  • Z-Liberator

    I have a better Video here to show. Check it

  • BetterThanEVO

    This video (first one) was posted on engadget back on Feb 7th. Old news!

  • liquidmonkey

    i’m 90% its the incredible, check here…
    NOTICE the trackpad or optipad!!!

    and here is a pic of the supersonic (although unconfirmed)

  • Steve

    Is the guy taking the first video having an epileptic fit whilst filming or something? It’s a waste of space, the moron!

  • craig

    Dilemma: I just bought the Droid on Feb 20th because I really needed a new phone and I wanted android. I was told I have two weeks to return or exchange. The release date of the HTC incredible will likely be after that return period, but not by much. I knew when buying this Droid that a scenario like this was very likely. What do I do? Return the Droid on the last day and wait? Tell the Verizon store my dilemma and maybe arrange some kind of deal if that’s even, possible? Help me android nation! Thank you all in advance.

  • laurie

    did you know that your dates are off on the home page; today is the 26th

  • craig

    I don’t know if my last post went through so I am sorry if this is repetitive.
    My dilemma. Bought droid on 2/20. Two weeks to return or exchange. I think I want the htc incredible. What do I do if the incredible Comes out towards the end of March? Is it going to be worth trying to do this exchange (nexus owners might provide insight do to the similarities). Help me android nation!

  • BetterThanEVO

    does your old phone work at all? If so, I would return the phone at the end of the trial period (which should be longer than 2 weeks). Give the Droid a call, you might like it. I highly doubt that the VZW would make an arragement for you.