Google Earth For Stock Droid 2.0.1

So as I was laying in bed last night I stumbled upon a little something called Google Earth – for my Droid.  Having never before heard of this “Google Earth” thing I said to myself:  “Self, let’s install it.” …and so I did. It was pretty awesome.  Kept me awake far too long!

(sorry, only had a flip phone available for picture)

First, I looked around Europe a bit. I then followed a set of train tracks in Michigan for a good five solid minutes before finding a train.  Then I decided to try a voice search of “Mount St. Helens” and the next thing I know I’m using “Look-Around” to check it out in 3d.

Dare I say – sick. That’s right. I said sick.

Then I hit my location and it put this pretty little blue dot right on my house. Right on my bedroom. Right in the quadrant of the bedroom where my bed is located! As it should, by golly.  Magical.  So I then climbed up on the roof and waved at the camera and checked again, but it didn’t pick that up. :'(  I guess the magic is hit or miss! Which sucks because it was really cold and my footed onesies weren’t quite cuttin’ it.

For the simple instructions and 3rd party download, head to Have fun!

Edit: P.S. Don’t let the 5mb download size worry you – once installed it’s the full ~25.

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  • mike

    First!….Haha…seriously though…this is awesome…just what I’ve been waiting for…heading to install it now!

  • diego

    Dude google earth is no live stream of sattelite cameras its just a bunch of photos put together so you get a clear whole world without clouds and stuff ;) Did you actually try that on the roof? :D

    • Talton “Phases” Pettigrew

      @diego: ROFL.. no. I was being silly. My bad! (Also note: I don’t wear footed onsies.)

  • aleis

    yeah you do have footed onesies dont lie! :)

  • Michael Cosmi

    Thanks for this, I have it on my N1, but my Droid was feeling a bit left out. I searched the Market w/ droid on Day 1 of Earth release, and it didn’t show up…only from the N1. I guess it was ported over to 2.0.1 by the google people. Anyone have any news when Google will push out Android @.1 to the Droids of the world.? I thin kthe Droid hardware can handle it.

  • Firelight

    Not working on my Droid 2.0.1 or not showing up in the Android Market for it anyways…

  • Firelight

    N’er mind. Stoopid monkey me didn’t read the whole side-loading part of this article.

  • CJ

    And it appears to be multi-touch enable.

  • Sonny

    I downloaded it, it’s pretty cool! But I got quite a few force closes, and it takes forever to load the images. Best thing about the app is that it has multi-touch, haha!

  • Jeff

    Got it working on my Droid this morning… Seems to run very well here – no crashes, wasn’t taking terribly long to load things, etc. Multi-touch is nice too – you can pinch to zoom, two-finger rotate, etc.

  • Ron

    Yes, I confirm that it works on the Droid, and it looks awesome too…

  • Jeff

    works flawlessly and it makes me feel kinda 1337 too! (even though i’m not even close)

  • John

    Works great, thanks!!!!

  • Chris

    Working well on my Droid and very smooth running with no root or overclock. I was playing with Google Earth on an iPod Touch and it used the accelerometer to tilt, and so far I haven’t found that feature on this Android version which was a small disappointment.

  • Dylan

    Maybe I’m missing something…but what’s the big bonus to getting earth and why would I use it over maps? You can’t get directions with it. You get a 3d interface and its smooth, but it doesn’t seem to support building models. The only 3d thing about it seems to be large elevation changes on the horizon.

  • psc

    Tried it on HTE Hero. Would not install.

  • sprt_of_xtasi

    @psc it requires Android 2.x.. Not sure which Hero you have, Sprint (CDMA) or European one (GSM). The Sprint Hero is still at 1.5. I was disappointed at google only releasing new software for the higher version, but now I get it. Android phones are fragmented, the only way Google can get manufacturers to upgrade is to release new goodies that will only install on newer versions of android. That way, you and I (customers) will complain to our carriers to get on board with the updates. It’s quite brilliant, actually.

  • David

    Fun tool, but not very useful until you can import kml files.

  • AGx-07_162

    You’ve never heard of Google Earth before? I need a 2.0+ device so I can use Earth to find what rock you’ve been hiding under the last few years.

  • Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

    AGx-07_162: lol.. that was all a joke. The whole article was me just being silly.

  • D3d

    the link above leads to:
    Oops, The Page You Are Looking For Cannot Be Located.

  • Keith Stone

    The last time I meet someone who hadn’t heard of Google Earth was back in high school…~6 years ago. Unbelievable.