From The Motorola Devour To You


I’m writing this post from the Motorola Devour. To write a review of worthwhile substance you have to know the subject matter and in this instance I get a lot of hands on time with the keyboard.

I was expecting a lot out of this keyboard and at first was a bit disappointed but there is definitely a learning and familiarity curve when it comes to keyboard layouts and feel.

I promised a bunch of reviews and insight today – and I will provide some of that – but my full review will come tomorrow morning once I’ve had more time to really dig in and review things in a little more depth. Fingers crossed I can meet this timeframe – I will be pulling an all nighter either way.

If you are interested I’m writing this from the wordpress application on android market. Typing in the browser didn’t work so well and it wouldn’t let me put the cursor in the post body text box. Oh well.

Stay tuned for more moto devour!!!

PS: That is a picture of my tail-light taken from the Devour. If there is one thing I’ve learned thus far from this post, it’s that writing WordPress posts in a mobile browser and through the wordpress android app both suck.

PPS: now I’m typing this on my droid keyboard for reference sake. There is definitely a tradeoff. Dedicated number row is nice but there are some drawbacks as well. I will be sure to share the details in a video review.

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  • swehes

    That is a strange tail light.

  • Anthony Perez

    what happened to your tail light???

  • Rob Jackson

    I’m not sure. The screws keeping it in fell out and I’ve been too lazy to fix it so I just ride around with a tail light that pops out every once in awhile.

  • brettlewis

    I think the tail light is trying to run away. why dont you put a picture from the droid next to it? I have some issues with focus on my droid and would like to see the two cameras take the same picture.

  • andrew

    i thought maybe that’s where you stored the devour

  • me

    Mitsubishi? Eclipse?

  • paladaxar

    @andrew…haha…me too. I thought either he keeps it in there, or this happened because he was using his devour while he was pulling out of a parking space and hit Talon’s car or a light pole or something :)

  • swehes

    Funny how many is caring about your tail light Rob! :)

  • Adam

    Looks like a crossfire to me

  • Summerfish

    Yeah it’s a crossfire, but still it’s mitsubishi made. lol

  • Logotic

    That’s it, I’m gonna pay up for a premium membership so you can afford to wash that shit.

  • Ross

    Would it help if you upgraded the tail light to 2.1?

  • Anthony Perez

    nand everyone was giving me grief for my celica and you have your crossfire tail light hanging out. Lol

  • Covert

    nice jeans!

  • Anti Everything

    Who the hell drives a cross fire??? Mas Put. oh yeah.. nice jeans.

  • Anti Everything

    Maybe “Pinch to fix?”

  • BetterThanEVO

    @Summerfish: Crossfires are made by Daimler (Mercedes) not Mitsubishi. It is essentially a MB SLK.

  • brett lewis

    well my vote is that it is a motorcycle with wings

  • Terran

    they just dont make cars like the used too. ill stick with my 84 300CD thank you.

  • JohnH

    Have you tried threadlocker?

    New TailLight Assembly ~$200
    Loctite Threadlocker $6

  • janus

    Lol a Crossfire! Nice car! In germany we use these cars in our University classes as an example of worse buildquality. Guess everything they sad is true :D.
    And the Crossfire is definitly not build or made by mercedes. Chrysler did use some parts of an old, yes the 10 year old, mb slk.bBt it is still a nice looking car…

  • Jochen

    Nice place to stash your dope! :)

  • Terran

    @janus- Daimler does own chrysler, or at least used to not sure if they still do, and mercedes. the designs are strikingly similar to the slk though. i always find that other car companies copy mercedes designs years after they come out. like the w126 chassie, lexus came out with a design that was almost exactly like it. could just be the mercedes enthusiast in me talking though. ya can’t beat a w123 diesel :)

  • Rob Jackson

    LOL thanks for all the comments about my car. Yes, it’s a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire and besides the cup holder sucking, I love it. There is a slight problem with not having a spare tire though, so if I get a flat, I’m screwed. I’m pretty sure the engine is the same as one of the Benz coupe models. The car is super small, like a micro machine (remember those?) so it buzzes around nicely. Wish I had the 2005 with convertible though.

    And yes, I have epic jeans lol

  • Mike B

    @ Janus crossfire does equal Benz and crossfire srt6 = AMG… obviously benz .. and actually very nice cars inside and out

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  • Terran

    @mike b- crossfire is still a chrysler car. not a benz at all. shares the same design and the owner company as mercedes, but it isn’t a benz.

  • janus

    build/made or engineered are two different things. This car was engineered and made by chrysler with Benz parts. If there was a german engineer involved with the crossfire I am sorry. My mistake :D
    At least Robs taste of Smartphones is way better…

  • Brad

    I love how a review of a phone turned into a flame war about cars. BTW DiamlerChrysler Split into Diamler AG and Chrysler as seperate companies in the Fall of 2007, Before the merger it was Diamler-Benz AG (ca. 1926-1998) . The merger lasted from 1998 to 2007. Anywho, The crossfire is a pretty car (imo) that has gotten mixed reviews from enthusiasts and auto pros. To each their own, but this article a phone review, not a car critique. :p

  • Terran

    but brad, it’s so much fun to talk about cars!

  • Mensahwatts

    That’s cool…hummm ahhh I wonder what the keyboard on the bravo will be like? It looks to be onscrean only…I hope they do some tweeking to it if it is are make it HTC style…yo