Samsung Galaxy Gets Official Android 1.6 Update Unofficially

galaxy16The Samsung Galaxy might never get a 2.x update, but being stuck at 1.5 was just plain cruel. Galaxy owners wondering what solar system they would be confined to are about to get a ticket out of the 1.5 Black Hole. The folks on AndroidForums have found the appropriate files to flash and install Android 1.6 on their Samsung Galaxy and, while this seems to be a leaked build, it looks like an official OS version that Samsung is planning to release as an OTA.

I’d warn you to read the entire thread before trying anything and make sure you know what you’re doing – we’re not responsible if you turn your phone into an expensive paperweight. And sure, plenty of people have complained that 1.6 still isn’t anywhere NEAR the most recent OS version, but better to get something than nothing – right?

[AndroidForums via Samsung Firmware, Thanks Michael!]

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  • Klaas

    It might not be a real 2.x release but it includes Goggles and Navigation (even starts here in Germany – but without real navigation data at the moment). Okay, still no multitouch but hey… I am happy about any upgrade!

  • AtBeyi

    What a pity we the linux users can’t upgrade yet

  • Michael

    We’re all waiting with baited breath for Samsung to hurry up and release the source for this (

    Once released we should hopefully get a fully working GAOSP 2.1 build ;)

  • Bert

    So it has been more than one month do we know when the 1.6 will be out for the I7500 Samsung. I need a specfic app that will only work on the 1.6 version.

  • justin

    2 months. come on samsung, ffs.

  • Jonattan

    Ohh wow,I can’t believe it…ihad that phone on my top list for switching, just because it would be a 2.1 OS… But now, knowing it will be a 1.6; nevermind!!!! I better stay with my cliq which is 1.5 and the promise for an update to 2.1 OS for Q2 (between april 1st till june 30) or wait for the other one I got on my list (sony ericsson vivaZ pro) and see how it goes…or keep looking for any gsm unlocked…