6 Days Left: Nexus One Video Contest!

In case you didn’t know, we’re giving away a Nexus One! To enter all you have to do is make an original funny/entertaining video and submit it to YouTube as a reply to this video. We’ll select a bunch of finalists and let the Phandroid readers vote on the winner!

The Top 3 all win something and with (currently) 31 entries you’ve got decent odds if you’ve got a good idea and a little spare time. To give you an idea of what other people are doing, here are some examples of current contestants:

Don’t forget you can submit as many entries as you want – the Michael Jackson dude has submitted three! And several others have made multiple submissions as well. So what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t need a Nexus you can always sell it on EBay!

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  • Stingly

    The NoPhone video has my vote of the ones featured here – 6 different colours… Brilliant!

  • Haggie

    Hitler FTW…

  • sunsguy

    6 different colors! Classic! I need the NoPhone!

  • Carl Channon

    HAHAH :D

  • Bruno

    Definetely a nophone

  • Maj

    Droid Does > Hitler’s Vide > nexus one boot

  • greg

    I hope i win!!!…MJ ALL THE WAY!.

  • Covert

    no Phone > Hitler> everythign else

  • jMAT

    no phone FTW

  • Jose

    How is the noPhone funny?
    It’s slow and filmed very badly.
    Is that why it’s funny?

    • http://phandroid.com Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

      Jose: Aww, I find it hilarious!

  • http://twitter.com/amaroth amaroth

    i have to say, the hitler one was the funniest.
    no phone was pretty funny too.
    and the arab finest asses was hilarious lol

  • Aaron

    hitler ftw!

  • 2FR35H

    I chuckled at nophone but the hitler and droid does were funnier, the hitler video is too used so unoriginal its just adding captions and so I give my vote to droid does.

  • Michael

    The NoPhone rules!!!

  • AJ

    I like the HolePhone! lol. great competition.