Sky News Now Available In Android Market

sky-news-android-app-150x150A new Sky News Android app is now available for free in our beloved Android Market. Sky News allows you to access breaking headlines and videos straight from your favorite Android powered device.  This app allows you to see the latest and greatest in seven different categories: top stories, UK, sport, politics, business, world and showbiz.

At this point you are not able to stream live in Sky News, but you can still view videos of the latest headlines and up to date weather forecasts. You can also always try out the Android friendly Sky News website. Check it out now in the market and let us know if this new app holds you over until you get the new Android 2.1 news widgets.

sky news chart

[via ElectricPig]

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  • me

    Barcode returns no results — must not work for 1.5
    Link in last paragraph doesn’t work

  • BenR

    Must not work on 2.0.1 either. :/

  • Caleb

    Doesn’t seem to work for me either

  • snupples

    No thanks, Rupert Murdoch

  • Seth

    Doesn’t exist on Google Market.

  • Shawn

    Hey, look. No 1.5 support. Superb.

  • nom

    Not working on nexus one 2.1 either, it is not on the market…

  • davis

    No 2.1 results either so all the 1.6 and prior cavemen fear not it must just not be available on the market period. Bad source?

  • douwemik

    barcode scan worked, but Market search came up with: Zilch… nothing, nada… Are y’all sure it is actually available in the market? (did a manual search as well..)

  • ade

    Its there…I found it at least…maybe only available in UK?

  • Chris

    Ade, what version of Android are you running, im on 1.5 in the Uk and can’t find it at all

  • Richy

    Can’t find it on the market with a milestone running 2.1 in Ireland…

  • Steve

    Its there on 1.6 in the UK. Pretty nice news app and widget, seems to load quicker than many other news apps.

  • Billbong

    isn’t newspapers uk free better than this? at least you have more papers…

  • Fatboymart

    Doesn’t work.

  • annoyed

    phandroid pay attention! check android marketplace forums and the comments above and report that people who downloaded the newest ROM update (especially the orange version) have lost thousands of apps from the marketplace, especially paid ones!

    you need to say something because you can influence orange/htc/google (not sure who’s to blame, they all blame each other)!

    thanks bro’s

  • jaam

    In UK, have 1.6 and have loaded it onto my phone.

    App looks good and articles and pictures load quickly over wifi and standard connection (even if not 3G) – loads words, then pictures then video option making it a great way to get your news no matter what connection you are running on.
    Videos load quickly and look superb over wifi connection. Over a normal non 3G connection takes quite a bit of time to load, and then does contain buffer issues, but pause and wait for the video to completely load, as you are getting the same superb video as over the wifi connection

    Please note that when you exit, it doesn’t completely exit out of phones memory – it does retain footprints in services memory (even when refresh set to never). And it does seem to chew up a lot of battery. Would suggest careful use of refresh option, and using an app to clear it completely out of memory if you have set refresh to never.

  • karen

    barcode works all right but then it cant find it in the market!!! does it not work in ireland???

  • Mary

    Still doesn’t work in Ireland. :( Not fair. My friends with iPods can get it.