Sprint 4G Phone Coming By Summer, Android-Based HTC Supersonic?


While 3G connectivity becomes the norm, techie consumers and carriers themselves have their eyes on 4G technology. Sprint already has WiMax 4G internet service in 27 markets, but taking that to mobile phone users – who are… mobile – is a different story. Sprint was rumored to be launching a WiMax 4G phone in late 2010 but it appears that timeline may have just moved up.

Forbes is reporting that Sprint executives are planning to launch a 4G handset in the first half of 2010. Dan Hesse has said 2010 will be “the year of 4G” and after MWC it seems it will also be the year of Android… so will this handset be the Android-based HTC SuperSonic with WiMax 4G connectivity?

Time will tell but it seems like a logical move for all parties involved. Right now Sprint doesn’t seem to have much of an “angle” on consumers and launching an Android-based 4G handset would be a pretty big move for them. I wouldn’t call it a “win” because Verizon continues to work on their high-speed LTE network as does T-Mobile. But at least it will keep them in the hunt.

Not to mention – the render looks pretty slick.

UPDATE: While some think this is awesome, others say it doesn’t make much sense.

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  1. T-Mobile is working on LTE? I thought they were upgrading their systems to 3.5G. Also I thought it was AT&T that was working on LTE.

  2. About the linked article “It doesn’t make much sense”

    For me, 4G is all about data. I don’t want/need to make voice calls in 4g. If I don’t have a wifi hotspot active then I want 4G downloads.

    Thats it.

  3. There are several issues.

    As a consumer, I think WIMAX is all about data channels. And I think Sprint’s existing rollout of wimax devices show they think it’s mainly about data. In the long run, it could be about voice and having to install fewer towers.

    Why is Sprint rolling out the Supersonic now (where now is anywhere from 2-6 months away)? Because the Hero and Moment are already old having slower processors and tinier screens than the competition.

    I am curious as to Nexus One’s users experiences with T-Mobile and HSPDA+. What sort of speeds are they seeing?

    I ask, because yesterday, I pulled the lever, and ordered a Nexus One. Silly Sprint, you guys had me for years, but let’s get some phones and announce them in a timely fashion.

  4. hahahaha you left Sprint to go to T-Mob because you think they have better phones. Man… I hope you didn’t sign any contracts. I would hate to be stuck with them for two years after leaving Sprint when Sprint is just about to come out with the big bang!

    Also, I cant stand these articles…yes Verizon is coming out with LTE…but when! They have yet to release it into ONE market let alone 27 like Sprint has and Sprint has another 20 or large markets scheduled for release in 2010. Verizon also doesn’t have the depth of spectrum that Sprint and the Clearwire Partnership (Google, Intel etc.) do so I’m thinking that those theoretical speeds they keep taunting and even advertising, despite the fact that they haven’t released anything, is a bunch of bull.

    Sprint takes it off the chin from media, its ridiculous. These people will be kissing their arses in 5 years…trust me.

  5. oh and why hasn’t sprint released the phone today…because its a 4G phone…Sprint wants to have 100 million people covered by 4G prior to releasing a 4G phone (supersonic). Yes they want to actually do well by the customer unlike the other carriers who will release a phone the minute they have 4G in ONE market. The sick thing is the the lemmings (yes you) will probably fall for it.

  6. i’d buy the supersonic now knowing that eventually i will have 4g… it still connects to 3g just fine so it’s like buying a phone for the future, which is fine with me (consumer) and technically good for sprint too, since people will buy a more expensive 4g phone and not really use the data yet but i see what your saying

  7. Thanks garet, I appreciate that.

    tinyB, I hope you get better.

  8. I wonder what the effects of WiMax 4G will be on the battery. Remember when the G1 launched, and people were recommending turning off 3G to make the battery last longer?

    Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore, since we’ve been trained to charge our phones every day now, instead of the 3-4 days we could get with our old phones.

  9. @Hank that is so true.

  10. T-Mobile 3g is a joke. Step inside a house or building and your 3g is gone. My Nexus One is going back to Google and I’m going back to my iPhone, but I do plan on getting the SuperSonic on Sprint when it releases. Here’s a map comparison http://www.cellularmaps.com/3g_compare.shtml

  11. @Turbo I have 3g in my house also where I work a aluminum Plant most people dont have 3g including at&t iphone users plus I dont get the dropped calls they always get.I guess its where you are gonna use your phone at and for me T-mobile is the best coverage in my area which is chicagoland area.

  12. @Hank To think that was MATURE 3g technology! It used to drain my K800i in 24 hours, but with 3g off I got 3-4 days of battery life. Hopefully, the lesson has been learned and 4g will be better.

    This, or another 4g phone, may actually arrive before the technology lands. It’s a bit like the age old question: which came first…

  13. Sprint is now denying the initial Forbes report

  14. Hmm, well I don’t have enough knowledge about LTE/4G stuff to comment on whether Sprint is moving too fast or not, but I do get the general feeling that they’re desperate to make good on their claim of having the first 4G network, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are rushing things. Seems like everything Sprint does is half-baked these days. That said, I do think it’s awesome that the first 4G handset is an Android phone. If Sprint’s 4G service goes take off, that should give Android another boost in awareness and sales, and it shows how quickly it’s adaptable to new technologies. I haven’t seen any mention at all of 4G support from RIM, Microsoft, Palm, or Apple as of yet. Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it, but you’d think there would be some “me too!” action by now, seeing as that we already have a confirmed Android 4G handset.

  15. Tiny B,

    Sprint will never get 100 million customers even with the supersonic cause their customer service sucks. Why do u think so many people get unlocked I Phones. Secdondly its not Clearwire anymore its just Clear and their coverage sucks. Why won’t it work in LA.

  16. I travel to Portland, OR and Salem OR, they already have Sprint 4G service. I own a cradlepoint router that is 4G enabled and hopefully my rural location will get 4G in the future. There is no DSL or Cable Internet here in the woods and my 3G service already is faster than satellite broadband. I want a 4G phone to tether my laptop while I am in areas that get the ultra fast service. My friend has a Sprint 4G card in Portland and I tested it, it is amazing! My 3G card in the Portland metro area gets 2 Mbps. At my home it usually gets 1.5 to 1.7 Mbps. The 4G card I used was doing 6 to 6.5 Mbps consistently. I tried AT&T and Verizon, both suck big time. Sprint has been very good to me, other carriers treated me very poorly. But it’s just my opinion and as they taught me in the military opinions are like butt holes. Most people have them and some smell worse than others.

  17. Whoever comes out first with a touch phone with a built in LED projector and camera would own the market for the next year or so.

  18. Everyone thinks their service is the best. Different people like different things and it is true that not all carriers are equal in all areas. I have been a Sprint customer for many years, have had good experiences with both service and customer service,so I can’t complain. As to why would people buy a 4G phone? I will for the same reason I upgraded to a 4G mobile broadband card, so I will be ready when WiMax is in my area (Southern Calif.)Meanwhile, I am getting incrementally more reliable 3G connectivity than I was with my 3G card.

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