Maybe Motorola Doesn’t Love Android That Much Afterall


motojhaMotorola has over and over claimed that they need to put all their efforts and energy into one clear vision and that vision has been Android and MOTOBLUR. Doing so has pretty much saved the company (or their division) from extinction – they can thank Android. But rather than continue down the path that saved them, Motorola is exploring other options based on diversifying their portfolio and just wait until you hear what those options are:

But it’s still curious to hear him openly step away from Android, the software that arguably saved Motorola, telling the WSJ, “If I had more money for R&D, I’d be developing an operating platform.” And talking more specifically about phones and Windows Phone 7, Jha says, “I’m open to it…I think I need diversity in our portfolio.” — (quotes found at Gizmodo)

You can’t blame Motorola for wanting to diversify. It’s the smart thing to do. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a good way to screw yourself over in the long run. And yes, as much as I love Android and love to hear Motorola  focusing on Android, I would be working on Windows Phone 7 – ESPECIALLY because their ecosystem has stabilized and Windows Mobile has improved. But building their own operating platform?

Samsung has built their own operating system which launches soon called Samsung Bada and it’s more of a “basic” way to give their entire portfolio of feature phones more smartphone-like capabilities. It isn’t supposed to REPLACE Android… at least not yet.

With some recent success it will be very interesting to follow where Motorola takes their handset division. Will they still entertain producing their own operating system? For feature phones I wouldn’t doubt it. And as you start to improve that operating system with time, you have options to take that to the next level when the window of opportunity opens.

I’m fine with Motorola expanding their horizons but let’s hope it isn’t at the expense of their Android initiatives.

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  1. So let me get this straight, you agree that “You can’t blame Motorola for wanting to diversify. It’s the smart thing to do.” and yet you decide to sensationalize the story for no other reason than to garner views…..

  2. Translation:

    “Microsoft, open up your wallet and dump a bunch of cash on us to ship a few phones running your piece of crap dead phone OS”

  3. People sure are making alot of assumptions about Win 7 Phone from just what I HOPE is a very piss poor rendering of the UI.

    “because their ecosystem has stabilized and Windows Mobile has improved.”

    Really? If you beleieve its stabilized simply because they say “if you’re a .Net dev you’re a Windows phone dev” then you’ll be shocked at the number of piss poor apps you see at launch. I don’t really see the platform outside the NBMer (Nothing But Microsoft) crowd picking up much steam. The interface so far is ugly and limited and it doesn’t do anything phones don’t do right now except for the xbox live integration. And even there MS has yet to turn whats obviously a booming social platform opportunity into anything besides a match making lobby and gaming news outlet. I doubt there will even be much noise when one of these phones releases. However rest assured you’ll probably see more than one company all of a sudden start tracking towards Win7 when Android has been good to them. MS has a lot of influence you know..since oh what 90% of desktops run on OS and everyone is tied to their email systems and office suites. Discounts and software audits can do a lot to change opinions.

  4. Me, and my DROID, feel abandoned :(

  5. Well, if Motorola wants to hedge all their bets on an Mobile OS that PROMISES to be out at years end, another 10 months down the road while Android and other OS gain even more momentum as a business model, oh well, thats good for them. I hope it works out, NOT. WinMo 7 is dead before it even launches. Past history will predict future performance and WinMo 7 will prove to be NO DIFFERENT than any other MS release, strewn with problems, incompatibilities and non functional issues. WinMo 6.1 and later 6.5 and all the issues with never an update to fix or correct problems will certainly entice me to jump on one of those handsets, what a joke!


  6. seeing how much of a failure touchwiz is why in sevens hell would samsungs bada os be any better?

  7. @CJ – I wouldn’t call it sensationalizing. The point is that in event after event, interview after interview, and press release after press release, Motorola made it clear that Android would be their PRIMARY focus and that they only had time for ONE platform – and it would be Android.

    Now, not only are they branching out into other platforms, but they clearly state that even BEFORE they chose Android as their (temporary 1 and only) they would be making their own platform if they had the resources.

    To summarize: they gave the impression their choice of Android was based on a calculated decision to devote their complete energy to excelling with leading platform, when in fact their decision was based on a lack of resources. They fluffed it up and put a cherry on top.

  8. @Rob, I think you’re drawing false conclusions. I don’t see anything in there that says that Android was a fallback due to lack of funds. If Motorola had the resources to develop their own platform, it would still be 2 years away minimum. If they had started when the decided to go with Android, they’d still be a year of more from releasing a phone with their own OS.

    It’s smart to be considering other platforms, rather than tie themselves to the fortunes of Google alone. A home grown platform gives them some autonomy as well, assuming it’s done right. It’s not necessarily a bad idea for business.

    Unless something goes really wrong with their relationship with Google, I don’t see Mototola abandoning Android, or even slowing down. Right now, it’s the only thing pumping life into their handset business.

  9. Why are you people bashing on windows 7? Have you used it!? No. Didnt think so. Im not saying its going to succeed, im not saying its going to fail, but it has some stuff going for it. All apps will run at the same speed because of the hardware requirements, a problem android will always have. It’s UI is great (But thats a matter of opinion) and yes it needs work before it can go commercial. Android needed tons of work after it went commercial. And no, im no fanboy, I love android too. And yes, i like windows mobile.

  10. I dunno. I think the original story isn’t anything like what’s being repeated in the blogosphere. To wit from the WSJ directly when speaking about the TV boxes:

    “One of the first elements to be shared will be Motoblur, currently a feature on newer Motorola phones that combines address books with email and social-networking accounts. The company is testing Motoblur on TV boxes, where it will likely appear this year, though that could slip to 2011, Mr. Jha said in an interview.

    The two types of products may also eventually share a common operating platform, Mr. Jha said, though he declined to comment on a timeline. “If I had more money for R&D, I’d be developing an operating platform,” Mr. Jha said.”

    That sounds to me more like he was talking about the TV boxes only.

    And it’s only at the end of the article, as an aside, that he mentions Microsoft:

    “Mr. Jha also said Motorola could eventually decide to expand its lineup to include phones that run software from Google rival Microsoft Corp.

    …”I’m open to it,” Mr. Jha said. “I think I need diversity in our portfolio.”

    As a Droid owner and a Motorola investor, I saw nothing that seemed remotely offensive to my affinity for Android and also a wise decision to possibly entertain the idea of the new Microsoft mobile OS. Best smart moves of his included going all Android in their revamp to begin with and then later dumping the old Microsoft mobile OS completely.

  11. too soon moto, too soon. And the comment about WM7, i mean come on did you guy even see what that looks like. count your blessings your on the side of Android.

  12. Shane WM7 sucks, you are right it needs work. It needs a complete rework. it is the same OS underneath and what you see is a skin on top of it. And Android was a hit from the start, and it has doubled every month, in fact it is the fasted adopted mobile OS ever.

  13. “Shane WM7 sucks, you are right it needs work. It needs a complete rework. it is the same OS underneath and what you see is a skin on top of it. And Android was a hit from the start, and it has doubled every month, in fact it is the fasted adopted mobile OS ever.”

    wow… You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  14. it slows down motorola a little bit..i felt so..

  15. Question, has Apple said we need to diversify and add a different phone or os to its line up? No. When Web OS came out did Apple say we have to add a Web OS phone to our line up? No it just improves on what it has and people eat it up. Put all your eggs in the android basket and improve os and phones and people will buy them! Android can overtake the iPhone but it will be spread over different manufacters since obviously more than one company makes android phones where as with all Apple products they are the only ones that make them. Just like “PC clones” outsold Macs because they were made by various manufacters and were sold cheaper the same can happen with android, but the weak players will have to be weeded out. Motorola can be a strong player.

  16. WM7 is not the same OS with a new skin, its been re-written from the ground up. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk. Android, is still lacking. There are may

  17. *maybe two phones out in the market that have more than 1Gb of ROM, all the specs are different, and have of android devices are still running 1.5
    Its pathetic.
    I never want to buy an android powered phone because I know that unless I root my device, void my warranty, I’m not getting the next release.

  18. We can all agree this is the same papist attitude that almost sank the company in the first place. Now that they have a little wind in their sails they want to jump to the extreme before they really get there feet back on the ground. This attitude is only set for extreme disappointment or failure in the near future.

  19. Go ahead Motorola, you will only keep on loosing market share. You should never bite the hand that feeds you.

    On principle I shall never allow anyone that works for me buy Motorola again. So you lost a lot more than you can imagine.

    Wish you good luck with your knew goals, but know its futile.

  20. i think WM7 is actually gonna do pretty well. the Zune HD did better then people expected and the UI for WM7 is extremely similar to the zune interface, which makes for an easy transition for zune users already. plus, everyone always talked about how they wish there was a Zune phone, and now there will be one soon. hell, i’ve contemplated buying a zune for as a music player since my ipod broke and i refuse to buy any apple products (not because my ipod broke, that was my own fault.)

  21. Ah thank you Terran!

  22. If it wasn’t a direct quote I wouldn’t believe that Motorola would want to make their own operating system! Haven’t they learnt that having a system that is common helps sales. People want a phone that is supported by application developers: having your own operating system equals no/little third party support. Unless you pull off an Apple, which isn’t going to happen.

  23. Wow Shane, you’re an idiot. 1GB of ROM?? You have no idea what you’re talking about. ROM is nothing. Apps are like 2MB max, and they store all data as necessary on the SD card. Half of all Android devices are running 1.5?? Bullshit. Where’s the evidence? Yeah and I could say Windows sucks because half of all Windows PCs out there are still running XP. (In all seriousness though, Win7 is good). Oh, and A1.5 is still better than any other phone OS out there, so I’m not sure what your point is.

    In a final feat of brilliance, you say, “If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk” and then two sentences later, “I never want to buy an android powered phone”. I suggest you follow your own advice.

  24. ok Motorola want to develop their own platform so what. Their vision philosophy is like Nortel and we know what happened.
    Europe is looking at creating a standard for all these various platform and putting an order in this market why not Motorola work smart and follow the regulatory lead so they can be the first and be a successful company again.

  25. windows 7…I don’t think its going to be any different then windows mobile but….time will tell

  26. snupples, i actually want to have music on my phone, something all android phones suck at. A1.5 doesnt have features that most OS have, even android 2.0 and 2.1
    its android 1.1 with a keyboard. big woop.

  27. @Shane –
    Where do we start…
    Spelling and capitalization are important tools to effectively communicate your point of view. You have consistently failed in both of those pursuits, and as such, your point has very little chance of beign heard.

    Secondly, actually being factually accurate is another important key towards advancing an argument. Again, massive fail. As of week ending 01/04/10 (prior to release of Nexus One, or Droid update) current user statistics from google showed that 47.6% of Android phones were running 1.6, and 31% were running 1.5. so not really close to the 50% you claim.

    To your larger point re: phone specs…well, all MS has sadi about WinPho 7 is that there will be “minimum specs”, so that isn’t very helpful, especially if you’ve tried to install WinDesk anything on a computer that ONLY meets MS minimum specs, so I wouldn’t count on WinPho 7 being zippy. Additionally, I know you meant RAM and not ROM, and I can assure you that there is NO Android phone on the market with a gig of RAM. Nor does the iPhone, or any WinMo phone ever released. It just doesn’t exist.

    Final point of factual inaccuracy – Rooting you phone does ont void your warranty. Period. Even if you manage to somehow brick your device, recovery to the original software image that your phone shipped with restores functionality, and because you must wipe completely…there is no way to show that your phone is or was rooted. Can’t prosecute what you can’t prove.

    And seriously dude. Spell check. F7. Not looking like a complete tool in comments is onyl a single key stroke away.

  28. Alright J. Everything you said is correct, and I stand corrected, but I did mean ROM, I want to be able to listen to music on my device without having to buy a MicroSD Card, its not really a hassle I know, but its a phone, in my opinion it should have at least 1GB of ROM available for the user. Not just Apps. Pictures, Music, Videos ect..
    Like the Galaxy, it had 8GB of ROM, or flash memory why cant most other android phones? I love android, im not saying its bad, and WM7, i dont believe is going to suck.

  29. I like android OS because it is FREE.

  30. OK, and both of you two realize “ROM” means READ ONLY MEMORY right? Wow…

    You two really are special.

    “Spell check. F7. Not looking like a complete tool in comments is onyl a single key stroke away.”

    onyl a single key stroke away? NICE!!!!

    P.S. I don’t think IE’s frames perform a spell check with F7.

    This whole thread is filled with special people.

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