Motorola Devour $150 At BestBuy?

You should have trusted us when we told you the Motorola Devour would be available at BestBuy. If you didn’t before, you will now – the woodworks have churned out a picture of the price tag:


And a case:


And how you’ll feel when you rip open your Devour:


With the Motorola Devour headed to Verizon Wireless and the Motorola Backflip headed to AT&T… MOTO is really starting to run game!

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  • LincKraker

    they are making ALOT of phones. but like my mom always said its not about quantity its about quality. why these phones are not getting Android 2+ out the door? i can understand why they would not be getting 2.1 but not getting 2.0 or 2.0.1 is beyond me. Motos first phone had 2.0 and that phone came out about 4 months ago.

  • jerk

    Who cares about the price with a overpriced contract.

  • Cliff

    I dont see why Verizon users get the Devour and AT&T gets the much nicer looking backflip. And no ty on the Android 1.5 for only $50 less then the Droid and you can find the Droid for $150 at some online retailers.

  • Tony

    +1 on who cares? It’s close to the price of a Droid but a much poorer performer. If I wanted a Droid, I’d own one. I’ve been eligible for NE2 for four months. VZW want to lock me in for a couple more years? Bring me an HTC device running 2.1 (preferably w/Sense) and I’m IN.

  • rick

    tony … same here. i’ve been waiting for 4 months for a more powerful HTC (virtual kybd) device to hit verizon. nada so far. i can only wait so long … guess i’ll have to start looking at other carriers.

  • Matt

    my girlfriend said devour is $100 via her corporate plan, so $150 at bestbuy sounds like markup to me

  • paul

    Yeah ill agree with tony and rick, they need to make phones that will not only run good, but last for as long as you need. but, with all the reviews ive seen about the devour, i bet itll perform just as good as any other android phone out there.