HTC Sense Ported To Nexus One

Paul O’Brien, genius ROM builder at Modaco, is now developing a ROM that has HTC Sense UI for your Nexus One. He is using a ROM built for the HTC Desire and is working his magic so that it can be used on the Nexus One. Aside from the HTC Sense UI, Paul has also built in a few other extras into the ROM build:

  • 800 x 480 video recording, which is a slight boost over the native 720 x 480
  • Face recognition and touch focus for the camera
  • Adobe Flash 10.1<——Nexus One Owners Rejoice!!!!!!


Personally, it is not the Sense UI that gets me excited about this ROM, it’s the Flash support. Although I do like the look of Sense, I enjoy the simplicity of the original Android UI. Paul is still working on his build but hopefully it will be available to the public shortly. You can check his blog to keep up to date with the status and his troubleshooting. Anyone counting down the days for this ROM so you can install it on your Nexus One?

[via JKontheRun ]

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  • gwlaw99

    Hopefull the guys will add flash to their next rom for the Droid.

  • G8D

    Hopefully he can do a similar thing with the Legend ROM for us Hero users while we wait.

  • tristan

    on the blog: “- Mic not yet working – likely related to the voice cancellation feature (not tried to fix this yet)”
    oh noes.

  • AShy

    Aside from the Mic are there any other issues with this ROM on Nexus?

  • G8D

    @A Shy
    “- 800×480 is max res for video recording, camera maxes out at 3MP, flash doesn’t fire (early camera pp, fixed in later builds)
    – FM radio doesn’t work
    – There are frequent graphical glitches – this could be related to the watermark code or an early build issue, investigating”

    Mic is fixed btw, just check the blog.

  • Popa

    Tried to read his blog .. is he trying to port it to 2.1?

  • x986123

    Very nice! I might use this when I get the Nexus One, but I will probably miss the OTA updates…

  • Hottest Tech Updates

    There has already been the flash 10.1 on the 2.1 sense ROMs for the G1. but they are not buttery smooth roms. but very usuable for everyday.

  • John

    Bluetooth works! Atlast!!

  • Fresh Prince

    Live Wallpapers don’t work on Sense, huh?

  • 8327

    they do – you can clearly see them in one of the videos

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  • djuro

    Do they plan to have fix for pink camera problem on nexus one ???