Dell Mini 5 Is Really Huge Phone For AT&T, T-Mobile


When we saw the video of Dell CEO (Michael Dell) demonstrating the Dell Mini 5 to Michael Arrington, it just looked like a pretty awesome Android Tablet. But that’s not all it is – the device also makes calls and will likely be available on contract from AT&T and T-Mobile!

The Mini 5 is rumored to have a  5-inch screen, 800×480 resolution, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera with flash, front facing camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and a 1530mAh battery. It will also likely have a 30-pin connector so it can be docked, also enabling HDMI Video Out.

At an estimated price tag of $1,000 I’m not sure how many people will actually bite on this – unless AT&T/TMO offer a substantial subsidy. But even then, for something you aren’t likely to carry in your pocket, where will the Dell Mini 5 fit?


[Didichanoch via A&M]

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  1. Is that a Dell Mini 5 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  2. Really not sure where they think they’ll get away with that price tag if its true … more expensive and less functional than a lot of their notebooks but more importantly more expensive than the iPad, Archos, etc … make it say, half that and they’ve got a deal.

  3. Rob: I am getting tiered of repudiating the $1K price quote… That is what a black market prototype went and is going for… It has no bearing on the actual release phone… This has turn into a CellMyth… Please don’t blindly quote a made up amount… Nobody knows when and for how much this thing will come out… Just that there will be a ATT & TMobile version…

    By the way… I love this phone… The only other phone that can make me change my plans for upgrade… Might be if the HTC Desire comes to TMobile it might change my mind… But I am really liking what Dell is doing what the 5″ screen + A2.1 or newer & AWS TMobile bands…

  4. At that price no one will care if it could take your girlfriend out on valentines day so you wont have to. At twice the price of the leading phones and tablets, this thing wont even show up on anyones gadget radar. I thought by unveiling the iPad, apple would be setting not only the standard on Tablet hardware but also in price. Apparently Dell wasn’t tuned in that day.

  5. I thought this was a tablet not a phone. It has 3G but that still doesn’t say it is a phone. the Ipad has 3G as well so just because it has 3G doesn’t mean it is a phone. However I would like to see how VoIP would work on this big boy. But no. It isn’t worth $1000

  6. Looks like a man’s phone. For men. With large hands.

  7. I would buy that to compensate.

  8. Wow. That’s looks to be about 6in by 3in. I love the look of it, but seriously, I don’t think I could use that as a phone.

  9. I love this thing. I have my concerns about the size, but the benefits of that 5″ screen totally out-weigh them. I’ll buy one if/when it’s available to Canada for a reasonable price.

  10. If this thing IS indeed a phone and doesn’t have a ridiculous 1K price tag then I think I have found the phone I’ve been waiting for. Now I say that before actually looking at the thing in person or trying to carry it lol. I’m excited about a screen big enough for my fat hands to use the onscreen keyboard and to enjoy video but I think I’m thinking alot about work situations. I just imagined taking this thing into the movies or something and having my wife laugh at me for lighting up the theatre if I have to pull it out. And then I thought….pull it out of where? It won’t fit in my pocket. But lately I’ve tried to stop putting my phone in my pocket because I think I have been damaging phones that way. I carry it in my hand now.

  11. With a huge display that is only 800×400, what does this phone have that the Nexus or many other Android phones don’t have?

    If this had 1Kx768 or 1200×1024 or anything like that, we’d be talking.

  12. The phone is meant to merge tablet capabilities (and does multi-task and have flash capabilities, unlike the iPAD). It has bluetooth so that you can use your headset to talk. It is 3G and WIMAX, among other things.

    To even compare the iDud is a joke.

    This thing rocks.

  13. It has WIMAX? That is cool. But it doesn’t have the regular Edge. So unless you have a 3G connection, or WIMAX, you won’t be able to connect to data. In other words, no voice plan. Just data.

  14. I think the key here is that there is NO WAY Dell will put a $1,000 dollar pricetag on something so similar to the iPad.

  15. This is a beautiful device. $1000 beautiful? No. I’m hoping that that is a mythical price that won’t see the light of day, since there are similar products for less than half the price (Archos), and other larger devices are cheaper too(iPad). Adding cell phone mechanics doesn’t make it worth $500-$600 more than these other devices. But I really do like this product, it looks like a very good gadget, and that screen is nice. The size wouldn’t even bother me too much, since I don’t keep my phone in my pocket.

  16. the only way i can think, is to dock it on a clip attachment to your pants. but its still pretty huge. although, that is alot of nice specs.

  17. well it does have a web cam why doesnt everyone just buy a BT head set and instead of normal calls video calls are wayyyyy better lol i love this device cant wait for it to come out……. but if its really 1000$ dn it sucks to be dell

  18. I love how there’s a price tag for black market prototypes haha

  19. Though I don’t want to think of it, isn’t it possible that this could cost $1,000? I mean, when the Iphone was originally released, didn’t it cost $800+ unlocked but was subsidized for $600? (later down to $400?)

    Judging by from what I’ve been reading, this device does seem to be a tablet first and a phone 2nd (or third).

    Sadly, whatever the case may be, even though I really would like to get this when it comes out, if it goes for more than a subsidized price of $250, I doubt I’ll grab one… so I doubt I’ll be getting one =(

  20. looks like the hd 2 to me

  21. im looking for a new phone to replace my g1…
    doesnt help when a new device pops up daily, lol
    now i want this one but the estimated price seems unreasonable and the size outlandish

  22. This is the most awesome thing ever. I will definitely get one. I even kind of wish it was a tad bigger. Yes, size does matter. Plus, there’s a special kind of glee in being able to say, ” My phone can eat your phone.” :)
    It is very funny that the black market price (of one phone, bought by one guy) is the one being tossed around like it’s the actual price. People, seriously.

  23. @ Sweshes so your saying if I dont have WIMAX service or 3G with coverage with either AT&T or T-Mobile i wont even be able to surf use any kind of data? If so considering AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G coverage and the colossal size and unwieldliness of this behemoth…yeeeeaaaaahhh ill definatly pass.

  24. I am a G1 user as well and this looks like a lovely replacement. I am not at all concerned about the size of this device since I am an avid user of a blue tooth head set. Really excited about this piece of hardware.

  25. “…for something you aren’t likely to carry in your pocket, where will the Dell Mini 5 fit?”

    Rob, the answer isn’t that difficult for women: IN A SMALL PURSE.

    There’s no reason why those of us who carry purses should be restricted to the tiny phone/slate size that those who rely solely on pockets prefer.

    Vision is another issue: This should be significantly easier for people with the inevitable vision problems that set in during middle-age than the tiny screens of iphone type devices.

    I don’t have an net phone because I’ve been WAITING for something a bit larger, like this, to come along.

  26. This phone will not cost $1000.

  27. Omg, Ill get this phone instead of the Samsung Captivate I was going to get. This thing is awesome, I dont care about size. Im only 11 years old.

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