Motorola Zeppelin Gets Pictured, Coming March 10th

motorola-zeppelinThe folks at Gizmodo Brazil snagged some pictures of the upcoming Motorola Zeppelin. It’s looking like it will rock Android 1.5 and come with MOTOBLUR in tow. The guys at TMOnews are maintaining a March 10th launch date so prepare yourselves now – that’s less than 1.5 months away!

More pictures over at Giz Braz (translated to English)

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  • Son

    I hate 1.5.

  • Pablo

    you are welcome. this phone is cool

  • Athir

    I see what you did there with the 1.5 thing… neat.

  • Terrell

    ^ +1 haha

  • Pablo

    it seems like the superbowl ad will announce the backflip(att), the devour(verizon), and the zeppelin (tmo). this badboy better get somtin special to make up for the lack of a qwerty keyboard. like… MULTITOUCH AND A 1GHZ PROCESSER! YEAH!

  • Pablo

    wait… does this look strangely like the heron minus the keyboard?

  • Trovatore

    But…this phone didn’t have to be dual sim?

  • phoenix

    that screen looks TINY. looks less than 3.2 inches.

    athir, i don’t see it. what did he do?

  • DE

    This means that the rumor of the MOTOROI aka Sholes Tablet won’t be the March 10th release by T-Mo. DAMNIT! This is getting outrageously frustrating T-MO! There are a few G-1 customers, and others without an Android phone wanting to re-up with a real android, not this toy crap. And the Nexus One would be great but I am not about to give up my current plan for the forced plan by purchasing with Google!

  • methodz

    urgh… where is the vomit button?

  • zlander

    pretty good phone..check the specs…its comparable to the droid

  • peetee

    This handset won’t blow your mind away with its design and the same can be said for its specifications, featuring a 3.2″ display at 320 × 480 resolution, a 5-megapixel camera, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a trackpad…..

    Not that great a phone, but worth buying if you’re in BR. Details:

  • Matt

    wait. no keyboard again?

    FFS. when will they try making phones with a friggin keyboard?

  • Mensahwatts

    I don’t understand why they keep making phones wwith1.5……I mean I can understand it if its going to be a cheap are free phone……yap know?