Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet Shown Off By CEO


Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers, was tracked down by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch and gave a snowy 1-minute preview of the Dell Mini 5 Android tablet.

He provides little by way of details but DOES say it will be out in a couple months. A COUPLE MONTHS? That would be a pretty awesome development… I think a lot of people would be interested in picking this up. Are you one of those people?

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MSI Android Tablet Coming 2nd Half Of 2010

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  1. Awesome…I’d buy one straightaway,and it looked fast too

  2. Been looking for a 5-7″ android mid/tablet, but if its really gonna cost $1098, i dont think so, in that case i’ll get myself a $100-200 china import when they (finally) become available. Those devices do not have the specs of the mini 5, but $1098 for a 5 inch MID, no way!

  3. Personally, I think the iPad is the wrong product at about the right price. This would be perfect at about $400.

  4. Why do they call this little thing a tablet?

    It looks good & nice – but with its size still like a phone and hey, you can use it like a phone.

  5. I’d definitely pick this up over the iPAD, this is something you can go mobile with the iPAD is more of a couch potato tablet.

    Here’s hoping it’s priced within the $300 – $350 range.

  6. That looks pretty sweet and responsive.

  7. Looks pretty neat.

  8. This is a friggin phone.. you can tell by the top ear speaker. it looks a lot like an iphone… why would anyone make a mini tablet? its a phone! duh

  9. I like the Mini 5 but since it’s more than likely headed to AT&T it’s a no go for me.

  10. What ever happened to the Dell Mini 3 phone? Is it not going to make it to North America?

  11. Looks like a pretty interesting device! I’d hardly call this a tablet though.

  12. Bigger than a smartphone , smaller than a tablet , what shall we call it ? Mini Tablet ?

    Anyway , I think it looks cool, if it can pump out hd video then I might be interested in it as a PMP & phone.

  13. This tablet I will be getting, not too small and not too big.
    I like it cause its small enough to carry around with you everywhere, yet with a 5″ screen big enough to make simple computing easy.
    To be honest I doubt this device will be $1,000. With the ipad being almost 5″ bigger at $800, I think something is being missinformed. This defice I have a feeling will be no more than $500.

  14. yeah it does look really fast….hopfully its a android phone with beefed up flash and browseing. And here I thought I was ganna see heavy lag

  15. Why would anyone want this when it is not a phone and is far too small for serious web-surfing. Just try to type 100-word messages on that 5″ screen. If this is going to be the same price as the iPad, I say FAIL.

  16. Depends on what you want to do with it. I think 5 inches is about the limit of what I can comfortably use as a phone and carry about in a belt case. I do a fair bit of browsing and info lookup on my Magic (3.2″ screen) and a lot of ebook reading. This has a significantly larger screen.

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the iPad was “way to big to carry around”. Great for the couch, okay to stuff in a gadget bag but so is my netbook.

    I see the Mini 5 as a great converged device that I can actually carry around easily and have always on, always connected access. I will still do an serious content creation on a netbook or laptop with a real keyboard but I do a lot more content consumption that creation….

    If it is the same price as the base iPad (ie 400-500) I will buy one in a heartbeat. I see it as a supersized smaprtphone…

  17. I don’t mind using it as my phone ^_^

  18. this device is also called Dell Streak- check video:

  19. I had the Archos 5 tablet and IMO i wasn’t thhat big.It fit in my pocket..It was very bulky cause of the 250gb HD. But this is the perfect phone..

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